Seriously Snoqualmie – Two More Weeks Of This Weather?

Not a good satellite picture if you want summer weather.

This weather has turned me into a big, fat whiner.  This isn’t summer.  I don’t care what the calendar says.  I could handle the lack of sun and warm days if spring had been something to write home about.  But we all know spring was more of an extension of a mild, wet winter.  And they say La Nina is done?  I keep reminding myself, I love where I live.  I love where I live.  Honestly, I do.  This summer, however, my favorite pastime has become planning vacations to warm, sunny places.

This morning the Komo weather lady said to expect another couple of weeks of this weather pattern.  One where upper level low pressure systems keep heading our way via the Gulf of Alaska and park themselves right over Washington.  I have one word for that – Yuck!  That means two more weeks of below normal temperatures. One day of sun and the next cloudy and some rain.  Think I am being dramatic?  Check the national weather forecast discussion here.

My “cup half full” friends (and every tv weather forecaster) keep reminding me that at least we aren’t suffering through oppressive heat and humidity like the rest of the country.  I get it.  I just want to whine one last time – I need some sun and heat!  I’m not that picky.  Maybe just 3 days in a row of sunny and upper 70’s.  80’s would be great, but I won’t push mother nature yet.  Just some weather more in line with typical Snoqualmie Valley summers.  I want to hear my air conditioner click on…

Back to planning sunny vacations.  I can dream, right?  And on the bright side, my electricity and water bills will be below normal – just like the temperatures!

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  • I hear you, I love it here too but this kind of Spring/Summer always tests my level of devotion!

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