‘Senior Assassin’ | Citing ‘Grave Concern’ for Student Safety, School Notifies Police, asks for Parent Help

It’s called “Senior Assassin.”  It happened last year, too, as an off-campus game for senior Mount Si High School students. It involves nerf gunNerf-type toy guns, teams and and an assigned target, who is another participant in the game.

According to 2015 grads, the game had very strict rules last year: no Nerf shooting your target on campus or during the school day at all; no Nerf shooting targets at their place of work or in their homes (unless you were invited into the home), and no Nerf shooting in moving cars.

This year, though,  it appears “Senior Assassin” may have dropped some of the game’s rules and so the Mount Si High School administration is asking parents to discourage their students from participating.

In a letter home to parents, the school said, “Students have developed some rules about when and where this activity can take place, which specify that the game is prohibited on school grounds during school hours.”

The school is stressing that the community understand ‘Senior Assassin’ is “is not sponsored by or approved by Mount Si High School or the Snoqualmie Valley School District.”

Administrators say that while students may consider that game harmless, they “have grave concerns about student safety and potential disruption to the school environment due to this activity.”

The school has received reports of unsafe student driving, like speeding and blocking exits, while participants have attempted to shoot their targets, as well as parents calling school to excuse students early in order to give them time to walk to their cars and leave so that they won’t get ‘caught’ by their ‘assassin.'”

Due to concerns that this outside school activity could place students in danger – especially if their actions are perceived to be real threats by neighbors and/or community members – the school notified local law enforcement about  ‘Senior Assassin’ so that officers can watch for risky behavior associated with the game.

Mount Si administrators are asking parents to discourage their children from participating, saying,  “Given tragic events that have occurred in schools related to shootings, this activity is clearly not appropriate and should not be taken lightly. We appreciate your partnership in helping your student understand this.”



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  • Considering all the actually dangerous activities that teens do participate in including school sponsored sports this is pretty innocuous. Invoking ‘tragic events that have occurred in schools related to shootings” reveals more about the true bias against this activity. This is about hyper sensitivity to an activity that involves replica firearms. The school is off base on this one and needs to confine its efforts to protecting students safety while participating in school sponsored activities.

  • My kid is involved and the rules are the same as last year. Stop the obsessing and let them get off the computer and outside. Imaging if these kids did half of what you used to do in high school. Really!

  • Living Snoqualmie