Semi vs. Semi Accident Slows Traffic Tuesday Morning

According to the Snoqualmie Police Department on Tuesday, June 15th at approximately 9:15 am, there was a Semi vs semi accident on westbound I90.

I90 will have extended delays as the accident involved minor injuries and multiple westbound lanes will be closed.

Please slow down and give first responders room to work safely.

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  • Glad to see everyone was okay. It happened right behind me in the rear view mirror. I was sure, based on the devastation, that there were going to be fatalities. It was a huge pile of debris and dirt, rolling 20 yards behind me. Scary for sure. Again, thanks for sharing this and glad I didn’t drive off, knowing people were dying.

  • Rob, can you explain what happened? Was one semi stopped on the shoulder and the other hit it as it passed by? It’s hard to tell from the pictures and the story doesn’t say.

    1. It was sudden of course, and it was behind me in the rearview, but it “seemed” to be that a semi hit another in the shoulder. There was a ton of dust and dirt flying around and from my POV, the truck that hit the other turned sideways and seemed to slightly roll. Again, I was driving and was noticing the 2 state patrol cars passing me at the exact time that the accident happened. I flashed the police and honked a ton, but no response. I called it into 911 and at exit 25, I assumed the state patrol would have jumped back east on I-90 but they kept going on Hwy 18, which was confusing. Obviously, there weren’t major injuries but I can’t believe they didn’t see it. It seemed like an explosion of metal and debris. Oh well.

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