Dump Truck Loses Brakes Descending Tiger Mountain Summit During Morning Commute

It sounds more like something from a movie script, but it happened on SR 18 this morning, November 19, 2013, on a descent of the Tiger Mountain summit.

According to the Washington State Patrol, around 7AM a dump truck lost its brakes while traveling westbound over Tiger Mountain, the summit of which stands at about 1,300 feet.  The semi driver exited SR18 at Issaquah /Hobart Road and struck a mini van in the intersection.

State Patrol tweeted that the driver of the truck was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected from the vehicle.  The vehicles involved ended up in a roadside ditch. Luckily, both drivers escaped the collision with non-life threatening injuries.

Traffic was slow along SR 18 and Issaquah Hobart Road for about an hour as police, fire and aid crews responded. Police are investigating the accident and stated it will be hours before the vehicles are cleared from the scene. Crews had both roadways reopened shortly before 8AM, November 19th.

SR 18/ Issaquah Hobart Road accident, 11/19/13. Photo: WSP Twitter Feed
Truck strikes mini van on SR 18 exit after losing brake descending Tiger Mt. summit. Photo: WSP Twitter Feed

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