Scott Rinckenberger Gallery Show Opening: Fjord + Summit: Lofoten, Norway. On foot

Acclaimed photographer, adventurer and gallery owner Scott Rinckenberger opens a new spring show at his gallery on July 18th.

This fine art photography show features a specially curated collection of Scott’s distinctive compositions. The images showcase vast vistas where giant granite walls lead the eye to white sand beaches with peeling turquoise waves and beyond fjords, alpine lakes, and craggy ridgelines, highlighted from his recent trip to Lofoten, Norway.

“Fjord + Summit: Lofoten, Norway. On Foot.” A collection of large-format prints capturing the days and nights Scott spent alone with towering mountains, broad beaches and driving winds. Linking trails and mountaineering routes to create a continuous human-powered thru-hike, Scott covered most of the length of the West Lofoten.

It was a rugged hiking route intermixed with some off-trail mountain travel, beautiful summit visits, white sand beaches and a bit of road walking. In the end, a 100km, 62 mi route, which covered just over 17,700’ of elevation gain, was walked over the course of 6 days. Some miles went fast, others were difficult travel in inhospitable terrain.

“What do you share when the experience feels too potent to be dissected? As a photographer working in the great landscapes of earth, this becomes the job. First, to experience, then to make available a concentrate to be shared with others. To put the sublime down on paper and up on a wall, hoping some of the spark is retained… From an environment where the stimulus is so strong, and the daylight is so perpetual. Shadows, shade and moments of darkness and simplicity are as important as the bright and the vast.” – Scott Rinckenberger

Scott specializes in photographing some of the most pristine and wild places accessible under human power. A lifelong mountain athlete, Scott’s work is steeped in an admiration for alpine ecosystems. His distinctively reductive compositions of these wild places have been recognized with international awards and art exhibitions and featured with some of the world’s most respected brands, including Apple, REI, OR and Patagonia.

Scott’s art is created in wilderness settings, and it is inextricably linked to the environment. He actively supports local and global environmental efforts by committing to 1% For The Planet. He hopes this work will inspire people to seek experiences that spark a close examination of life, create a deep appreciation for its inherent beauty, and result in a lifelong commitment to explore, protect and become an integral part of the beautiful tapestry of nature.

The Scott Rinckenberger Gallery:

A one-year-old space designed to be a cultural center in the idyllic mountain town of North Bend, it features a rotating selection of Scott’s work, capturing images that celebrate the subtle and sublime elements that inspire his life in the mountains and in the greater Snoqualmie Valley.

To see more of Scott Rinckenberger’s work, visit

Scott Rinckenberger Gallery

106 W North Bend Way, North Bend, WA Open Thur – Sat 12 – 6 pm, Sun 12 – 5 pm and by appointment via

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