Mount Si High School Issues Preemptive Strike on May Madness, ‘Hot Girl’ Contest

In an effort to stop another year of ‘May Madness’ at Mount Si High School, Principal John Belcher on April 11, 2016 issued a letter to parents and students discouraging the online, bracket-style contest that pits female students against each other, with voters deciding who is the ‘hottest’ in order to move on in the ‘tournament.’

Two years ago May Madness made multiple TV newscasts when the school’s gender equality group wore t-shirts in an effort to stop the contest that they said was degrading to female students. Other students, though, said the game was just harmless fun.

Regardless, is his recent letter Belcher said this year the school is addressing the contest before it even begins, saying:

“This event is harmful to many of our students.  It negatively impacts many students’ self-esteem, and causes a substantial disruption to our school environment.  We understand that the boys and girls who voluntarily participate in this event are most likely not intending to hurt others.  Unfortunately, that is often the result.”  

The school acknowledged that online May Madness sites are sometimes started by people who are not part of the Mount Si High School community, but still urged parents to talk to their kids and discourage participation if May Madness pops up on social media again this year.

Last year, students at the freshman campus took to running a handwritten version of the contest in order to avoid online scrutiny.

The school also warned that students found participating in May Madness could be subject to school discipline, “even if their participation is completely outside of school.”


Frontside artwork for t-shirts being made for MSHS Gender Equality group.
May Madness t-shirts created in 2014 in protest over the the tournament style contest that judges students on their looks.


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  • Miss America, advertising, etc. Isn’t this a product of what our society has created and promotes daily? Where is the line drawn? Not saying I am for the contest, just pointing out the extreme irony…

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