School Board hires national firm to conduct search for new superintendent, process to include community input

The Snoqualmie Valley School District is facing a tight timeline to secure a new superintendent for the 2018-19 school year. Superintendent Joel Aune announced earlier this month that he has accepted a job as the Executive Director of the Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA) in Olympia.

Since the announcement the school board has been busy, including a seven hour marathon meeting interviewing potential search firms to assist in the search.

The board decided to partner with Ray and Associates, a national education search firm, to conduct a broad search and thorough selection process, to name the next SVSD superintendent by mid-June.

The search process will include an opportunity for the community to weigh through a survey that was launched on March 19, 2018. The survey will allow community members to share leadership qualities, expertise and experiences matter the most in a new superintendent.

The survey is open until April 2nd at 8AM. You can take the survey HERE.

Per an announcement the district said, “Focus groups and community meetings will also be utilized during the search process to help define the position profile and desired selection criteria for an ideal candidate.”

The School Board will make the final decision on hiring the next superintendent of Snoqualmie Valley School District.

Timeline for Hiring Process of the SVSD Superintendent:

  • March 19th – April 2 – Online survey
  • March 26-27 – Staff, student and community meetings for input into profile

Four meetings are scheduled to gather input from parents and community members. These meetings will take place at the Snoqualmie Fire Station, 37600 Snoqualmie Pkwy:

  • Monday, March 26th – 10-11AM and 6-7PM
  • Tuesday, March 27th – 10-11AM and 6-7PM

In late May the SVSD superintendent finalists will be announced. The School Board is expected to announced its selection in early June. The new superintendent would officially begin July 1, 2018.

Board President Carolyn Simpson explained, “A search for a new superintendent to lead a school district is one of the most, if not the most, important responsibilities of a school board.  As part of this process, our board has hired a search firm, Ray and Associates, to help us.  But, we need the community’s input as well.  We are developing a profile of the desired characteristics of our next superintendent which will define the leadership qualities, experience, and expertise desired by our students, staff, parents, and broader community. With those responses in hand, we will develop a Candidate Profile which will be promoted statewide and nationwide by our search firm.  Our goal is to have a superintendent hired by early June to help with the transition.  We will need to say goodbye and send absolute best wishes to Superintendent Joel Aune as he leaves for the state level executive director position with the Washington Association of School Administrators starting 7/1.  But, now we are focused on the big job ahead of us.”


Snoqualmie Valley Schools District Office.

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  • To the person who developed the Survey… It says to select up to 10 items. I selected 9 and it gave me an error that I can only select up to 10 items. The wording of the instructions is wrong. It requires 10 items to be selected, not more or less. I hope they can fix it quickly before they disappoint even more people with their incorrect wording/design.

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