Sallal Water Tank possibly contaminated in ‘criminal act’; nearly 150 North Bend homes impacted, advised not to drink water

On October 31, 2018 at 5:15PM, City of North Bend Public Works Director and Emergency Manager Mark Rigos reported that a Sallal Water Association water tank was contaminated with white pellets.

Rigos said it is considered a criminal act and the water is currently being tested to see if it was poisoned. This only affects the Sallal Water Association water supply. City of North Bend and City of Snoqualmie Water Service Areas are NOT affected.

He said the contamination is isolated within Sallal’s service area and affects approximately 143 homes. Rigos advised homeowners on Mt. Si Road between 470th Avenue SE or 480th Avenue and/or in the Riverpoint Subdivision to NOT drink their water.

Rigos asked community members who know anybody living in the affected area to please contact them at once. Residents should not drink the water until Sallal gives the approval that the water is safe to drink again.

According to an incident report, the contamination occurred on October 30th and was reported by the Washington State Department of Health. Per the report, a caller reported white pellets were intentionally released into the drinking water storage tank when “an individual climbed a reservoir, cut a hatch open, cut level measurement probes, cut a vent off of a storage tank and may have introduced an unknown material that resembles white pellets into the drinking water supply.”

Rigos said Haz Mat teams and the Department of Health were on the scene this evening testing the water.

The City of North Bend Public Works staff checked all city water facilities early Wednesday evening and reported the City’s water system was safe and secure with no signs of tampering observed. City of North Bend water is suitable to drink.

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  • As an affected resident I was stunned to receive this news *third hand* thanks only to the consideration of a concerned neighbor. and now 24+ hours after the incident, it’s proven impossible to get any update from Sallal Water Association. does anybody have any current news?

    1. +1 on Mike comment. This is embarrassing that a communication platform isn’t more readily available in this day and age. Slow detection times, slow response times.

    2. Follow-up to my comment last night: Mary from Sallal called first thing this morning to reassure our household is not in the affected area. Thank you, Mary!

  • So, nearly 150 North Bend homes impacted, but the city of North Bend is not affected. Choose words wisely please, people’s lives are on the line.

    1. The City of North Bend water service area is not affected is what it says. There are two water service providers in North Bend. Sorry for any confusion.

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