Traffic | Rush Hour Accident Brings Eastbound I-90 Traffic to Halt near SR 18

WSDOT and multiple Snoqualmie Valley residents reported Monday, July 20, 2015, around 5:20PM a “major” accident was blocking at least 3 lanes of eastbound I-90 just west of exit 25, the busy I-90/SR 18 interchange.

Witnesses stuck in the backup and WSDOT reported fire, police and aid crews quickly responded the accidentscene near milepost 26. At 5:45PM, WSDOT said the backup stretched three miles to Preston exit 22 – and that the accident was partially blocking all eastbound lanes.

One witness who passed the scene shortly before 6PM said it appeared three vehicles were involved and that it looked “pretty bad.” The witness stated the left lane was getting by, though.

Shortly after 6PM, WSDOT said the accident had been cleared, but the backup still stretched about 3 miles.

There is no word if injuries were involved. More info will be added as it becomes available.

Accident scene near 90/18 interchange, 7/20/15. Photo: Hera Minkove
Accident scene near 90/18 interchange, 7/20/15. Photo: Hera Minkove


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  • We cannot fix HWY 18 and I-90, but we can put a traffic circle around Salish Lodge by the bridge? So if I have this right, something that goes around in circles (like government) get passed pretty easily, but if people are always getting hurt, killed or trucks rolling over, we cannot seem to pass a dang thing? Please tell me this was in the new transportation budget?!?!?!?!?!?

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