Fact or Fiction, Walmart Coming to Snoqualmie?

WalmartIn the past two weeks, Living Snoqualmie has received a couple of inquiries asking if we know anything about the possibility of a Walmart coming to Snoqualmie.

The last inquiry was very specific, claiming it was heard that Walmart and McDonalds might be coming to the land parcel on Snoqualmie Ridge near I-90 and Highway 18 where the Leisure Time campgrounds once stood.

A bit of research and emailing revealed that such a development  is NOT happening at this time. City of Snoqualmie Planning Director, Nancy Tucker, confirmed today, May 22, 2013, she has heard nothing of this possibility.

Tucker said via email, “There have been no inquiries from either McDonalds, Walmart, or anyone potentially acting as their agent for S-21 [land in question] or any other location in town.”

So… as of now, within the Snoqualmie city limits, it appears no big chain Walmart is ready to set up shop… or McDonalds for that matter.


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  • I don’t want a WalMart… but I’ll go for a McDonalds on the ridge! Or a Quiznos

  • I didn’t here about a possible Snoqualmie Wal-Mart, what I heard was for one in North Bend possibly around the Truck Stop. Is there any truth to that?

  • OK… so what is going in on that parcel of land? There has been much activity over there these past couple of months. And while the Hospital District had originally agreed to purchase that land for their new hospital campus, it seems they are building the new hospital across the parkway now. According to a press release from Dec 2012 they finally closed on the property. http://snovalleystar.com/2012/12/12/hospital-board-oks-early-closing-on-leisure-time-property

    Any news from the Hospital District on it’s plans for the land beyond the December 2012 press release?

    1. Hey Robert… I am hoping to talk to a city council member who says they can give me some more info. I will let you know what I find out.

  • The origin of the store was, in part, a KIRO news story about re-zoning the land north of I90 and the Parkway (http://www.kirotv.com/news/news/rezoning-may-allow-big-box-stores-rural-land-near-/nTGFB/) as part of the comprehensive plan update.
    It is my understanding that King County denied the re-zone but the City has appealed the decision. A decision on the appeal is due in August.

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