PSE Works Overnight Restoring Power to Parts of Snoqualmie Valley; Treacherous Driving at Snoqualmie Pass

Update: 1/12/14, 12PM | PSE to Repair Last Scattered Outages Sunday; Stevens Reopens

PSE stated,”Crews are in the final stages of the time-consuming work of going from one location to another to restore power to scattered outages.” PSE further stated that all repairs and outages for the last affected customers will be completed today.

Stevens Pass is reopened.  In both directions of US 2:  chains required on all vehicles except all wheel drive.  Oversized vehicles are prohibited.  It’s still snowing at Stevens and Snoqualmie Pass reports a mix of snow and rain.

Update: 1/12/14, 10AM |  Snoqualmie Pass Reopened; Stevens now Closed

Snoqualmie Pass I-90 eastbound is reopened. Eastbound: chains are still required for all vehicles except all-wheel drive. Oversized vehicles prohibited. Westbound: traction tires are required; chains are required on vehicles over 10,000 gross vehicle weight; oversize vehicles prohibited. Compact snow, ice, slush on roadway. Traffic slow due to earlier closure and chain requirement.

Stevens Pass is now closed due to heavy snow – both directions of US-2 at Rayrock and Scenic. Traffic is heavy though the area.


Update 1/12/14 | 8:30AM

I-90 eastbound is closed at milepost 47 near Denny Creek for removal of multiple vehicles that are off the roadway and need tow truck assistance. i90closureEstimated reopening time is 9AM – 9:30AM.

If you can wait to leave, it is advised.  Driving conditions are really rough.

Update: 1/13/14 | 7:45AM

PSE says it now has fewer than 10,000 customers without power, as it worked overnight with about 60 crews to get the lights back on.  They say there are still pockets of outages in South King County – and still many in North King County. For those pockets in South King County, they report the power should be back by 10AM or sooner.  For North King County, it might take until this evening.

Residents of Old Si View, Wilderness Rim and the Uplands reported their power was restored Saturday night.  Moon Valley was still out as of 8:30AM, but residents report PSE crews are in the area.

Another blustery, rainy day is on tap for the Snoqualmie Valley, although this new weather system is weaker than yesterday’s strong storm. Conditions should begin to calm on Monday.

Mountain Pass Alert: It is snowing heavily at Snoqualmie Pass, along with gusty winds.  Chains are required on all vehicles, except all-wheel drive, and SnoPassoversized vehicles are prohibited as of 7:45AM.  Visit  to check conditions if you’re traveling or trying to hit the ski slopes. A Winter Storm Warning is in effect until this afternoon.  Later tonight the snow will switch to rain at Snoqualmie Pass.

Saturday, 1/11/14 | 7PM

It was a long Saturday for some homes in the Tokul Road area of Snoqualmie, where they went 16 hours without power, with restoration happening around 7PM.

Readers reported power was still out in the Moon Valley area, parts of Wilderness Rim, the Uplands and Riverbend – and for Old Si View, the power went off with about 30 seconds left in the Seahawks game, resulting in some very interesting Facebook posts from resident Seahawks fans.  That outage may have something to do with the 73mph wind gust recorded by the North Bend Elementary weather station!

But Puget Sound Energy (PSE) says they’re working hard while still dealing with windy conditions, which can lead to “one step forward and two steps back” as trees and limbs continue to come down and take power lines with them.

In their latest update at 4PM, January 11, 2013, PSE had about 20,000 King County customers without power, and said that continued windy conditions had made it more difficult to predict restoration times.

In some areas, road conditions (trees across roads) made it difficult for crews to quickly restore power.  Crews also had to wait out strong winds and heavy rains before continuing work.

PSE had 50 crews working to restore power Saturday, with another 14 on the way.  Throughout the PSE service area, as of late afternoon, there were 10 circuits and one substation out.

Weather conditions are predicted to remain windy and rainy through Sunday, January 12, 2013.

Storm damage PSE crews are working to repair, 1/11/14.  Photo:  PSE Facebook page
Storm damage PSE crews are working to repair, 1/11/14. Photo: PSE Facebook page

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  • I live up by lake Marie, our power went out at 2:15am on Saturday morning, and we just got it back at 8:30 am Sunday.

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