Production Company Working in the Snoqualmie Valley, Delays Possible in Downtown North Bend August 10th

A production company will be working in and around North Bend in August, filming scenes for an upcoming production. Residents may notice film crew, vehicles and activity in various places throughout the Snoqualmie Valley. 

The company is coordinating with King County, the City of North Bend and the City of Snoqualmie regarding these activities. 

Additionally, on the morning of Tuesday, August 10th, intermittent traffic delays should be expected on North Bend Way, as the production crew works in downtown North Bend.  

Drivers should be prepared to wait a few extra minutes if passing through downtown the morning of August 10th, or find an alternative route if possible.

Due to privacy guidelines, the city is not sharing details about the specifics of the production. Thank you.

[Notification courtesy of the City of North Bend]

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  • The closing of public streets is everyone’s business. Workers commute, appointments must be kept, errands to run. A filming company’s privacy is a poor excuse for keeping the local population in the dark. The people making the sacrifices aren’t the ones making $$ in this deal.

    1. It looked like a low budget crew to me, less than a 5 minute wait for a small bus/van and a truck pulling a trailer with a car on it.

  • Police officers told people it was called The Year of the Fox. ( oops ) also they shared there is a world wide known actor in it. Rumors that Chris Hemsworth maybe he was spotted or a look a like at QFC.

  • Living Snoqualmie