Pot Talk: Marijuana and Valley Teens, Learn from the Experts, Monday, March 24th

Since recreational marijuana became legal last year, the Washington State Patrol released that during the first six months of 2013, they saw a 50% increase in the number of drivers testing positive for pot.  But marijuana still remains illegal for Washington teens.

Later this year it is expected,  licensed, legal recreational pot businesses will also open across the state.

Are you curious what marijuana legalization means for your teenager?  Want to know exactly how much pot usage exists in the Snoqualmie Valley?  If police are seeing an increase since its legalization? Is Mount Si High School seeing an increase of incidents on school grounds?

If so, the Mount Si High School PTSA and the Snoqualmie Valley Community Network are sponsoring a forum aimed at educating local parents and teens about marijuana – legal or not.  It’s a chance to bring ALL your questions to the experts.

Included at the Marijuana Forum:

  • A panel of Mount Si High School teens will discuss their perceptions and answer questions
  • City of Snoqualmie Police will provide details about this new law and answer questions about the state of the Snoqualmie Valley community related to drug use
  • Kevin Haggerty, from the UW’s Social Research Development Group, will present research-driven data about the effects of marijuana (and alcohol) on the teenage brain, and talk about “Marijuana Myths”
  • Phoebe Terhaar, MSHS’s Intervention Specialist, will provide concrete take-aways for parents and families SVSD Parents and Teens – high school and middle school.

The Legal Marijuana and our Teens Forum happens Monday, March 24, 2014, at 7PM in the Mount Si High School Auditorium.


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  • I think this also begs the question.. how many of these classes have been held for a much more sinister drug. .alcohol? We always seem to forget that alcohol is a mighty drug and legal as well. .it causes so much death and destruction.. yet. .we just push that aside when something else comes along? I don’t advocate either when driving.. or texting. on the phone etc. These are all deadly distractions when driving.. and not acceptable.. In the years living in the valley there have been so many alcohol related accidents.. with deaths.. the call to action has not been nearly as loud . .why ?? hmmm

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