Possible Three Day Rain Event Coming for the Snoqualmie Valley

[Guest Post by North Bend resident Mark Davis]

To whoever participated in the rain dance, your wish is coming true. There looks to be a weak rain disturbance heading our way starting this Friday.

We’re not looking at a ton of rain, but we’ll take anything we can get at this point. I’m not going to post the rain charts because the models are currently having issues. However, one model shows us getting 2.5” of rain on Friday.

For the 3-day rain event starting Friday and going through Sunday, I’m currently seeing maybe .75” of rain total for those 3 days. We’ll take it!!

As for the temperatures, we’ll be In the mid-’80s going into Friday, then dropping down to the mid-’60s to low 70’s for a few days while the rain Is here. Then early next week, we’ll be back to the low to mid 80’s.

Keep doing that rain dance; we sure need it.

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  • How can the models suggest “one model shows us getting 2.5” of rain on Friday” but only “.75” of rain total for those 3 days” (less than Friday alone)?

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