Police Looking for Distracted Drivers, Effort to get Residents to Put Cell Phones Down

How many times have you looked at the car next to you on a city road or busy freeway and witnessed someone talking or texting?

Well, here’s a notice to drivers who have trouble putting their phones down while on the road: On Thursday, April 10, 2014, police in snopoSnoqualmie and North Bend will participate in a nationwide Distracted Driving Campaign. Officers will be actively looking for drivers talking on cell phones or texting.

Recently, the cities of Snoqualmie and North Bend both compiled citizen survey results and found that distracted driving is the number one traffic safety concern for residents of the upper Snoqualmie Valley.

In 2012, 3,328 people were killed nationwide in distraction-related crashes, with approximately an additional 421,000 injured in accidents involving a distracted driver.


Texting While Driving

Washington drivers are prohibited from texting while driving – except when requesting medical or emergency assistance.

Cell Phone Use While Driving

Washington drivers are prohibited from using cell phones while driving except when requesting medical or emergency assistance. The following cell phone use is allowed: Using a hands-free device such as a speaker phone (not in hand), a headset, a wireless device (such as Bluetooth), or a cell phone car kit.

Novice drivers in Washington, which includes drivers with a learners or intermediate permit, are prohibited from ALL cell phone use, including hands free.

The Washington State Distracted Driving Law imposes a fine of $124 for a first-time offense; more if the cell phone use causes a motor vehicle accident.  Also,  officers CAN pull a driver over for the offense without having to witness some another violation.

Visit www.distraction.gov to find out how to get involved in the campaign against distracted driving, where LOTS  of educational materials on distracted driving can be found.


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  • I’ve seen police officers texting & talking on there phones & driving distracted too many times to count. Who”s giving them tickets?

  • It is their job to catch criminals. .all of the technology is in their grasp.. do you notice the microphones on their shoulders? The in auto voice systems.. they are not holding a phone to their ear goin 60 in a 25 folks.. unless they are headin out to capture someone who may have just robbed your house.. Get a grip.. these guys are doing an amazing job in this valley in the very short time they have been working WITH us.. Try and give these officers a break.. speak to them.. wave and thank them.. they are working diligently to lower the crime rate in our homes. .they are working hard to get the criminals who have flocked here because there was no enforcement.. I stand and give them a rousing hand and thank you .. We have noticed a marked difference in the wanderers in town.. and heading out to the H camps in the woods. .that is for sure!

  • Living Snoqualmie