Police Blotter | Warrant Arrest; Reckless Driver; Disorderly Conduct/Resisting Arrest

July 10, 2023

An officer conducted a traffic stop of a suspicious vehicle with three occupants in North Bend. One of the passengers gave a name that came back with no record. After asking the passenger again, he said he didn’t want to give his real name because he had a warrant. He finally gave the officer his name, which returned with a felony warrant out of Kitsap County for Auto Theft.

While detaining the male, two methamphetamine pipes fell out of his pocket. He started complaining that he wasn’t feeling well (often a tactic used to get out of being booked into jail). Aid was called, and the subject was medically cleared. He was transported to King County Jail, where he was medically declined, and the officer released him in Seattle.

July 11, 2023

A resident called to report someone slumped over in a black sedan with the engine running and lights on in downtown Snoqualmie. Officers responded and saw the driver had several items of drug paraphernalia on his lap. They tried several times to wake up the driver. When he finally awoke, he threw his drug paraphernalia on the floorboard.

After speaking with him, he admitted to smoking fentanyl and had no idea what time it was. Officers drafted a blood search warrant and had it signed by a judge. The subject was taken to the hospital, where his blood was drawn for a drug DUI. He was arrested.

July 11, 2023 – Theft

A male entered a North Bend Outlet Mall store, stole a pair of sunglasses, and left. A store employee witnessed the male arrive on a motorcycle and provided a detailed description of the male and motorcycle. When officers arrived, they could not locate the male but did check the motorcycle associated with the subject, which returned stolen out of Seattle.

Officers then observed a male matching the description and contacted him. He stated he had just purchased the bike but couldn’t give details from whom and when. The officers then saw the stolen sunglasses in a bag he was holding. He was arrested for Vehicle Trespass, Theft 3rd and was trespassed from the outlet mall. The owner of the motorcycle was notified and retrieved it.

July 12, 2023

An officer observed two vehicles on the side of the road in downtown Snoqualmie – with a male underneath the dash pulling on something. The officer suspected the male was attempting to steal the vehicle. Upon turning around, the officer saw the car pulling into the roadway. The officer got behind the vehicle and attempted to stop it, at which point the vehicle fled at a high speed, almost striking two vehicles head-on. The officer discontinued following (due to state law).

Meanwhile, another officer was able to stop the second vehicle involved and speak with the female driver. The female was able to identify the male and said she didn’t know about the vehicle the male fled in. Charges were forwarded for the male to the prosecutor’s office for Reckless Driving and Suspended 3rd.

July 14, 2023

Officers were dispatched to downtown Snoqualmie for a male walking in and out of the roadway, kicking chairs, and yelling profanities. Officers arrived and contacted the male. After checking his identity, he returned with a Snoqualmie warrant for Criminal Trespass. When officers attempted to detain the male, he took off running. The officers began a foot pursuit and were able to catch up with him.

He continued to resist arrest. The officers were able to detain him and confirm his warrant. While in the police vehicle, the subject was kicking it and head-butting the partition. Aid was called to evaluate the subject, who was medically cleared before being booked for his warrant and additional charges for obstruction and resisting arrest.

July 15, 2023

Officers were dispatched to the vicinity of Bendigo Blvd and I-90 for the report of a male and female striking each other. When officers arrived, the two were no longer being physical, but were separated by officers. The male initially gave a false name.

Dispatch found a male associated with the female involved through a records database search and ran his identity. Officers confirmed the involved male’s identity through his department of licensing photo, and he returned as a respondent in a Domestic Violence No Contact Order associated with the female on scene. There were no injuries, and the male was transported to Issaquah Jail, where he was booked on the No Contact Order Violation.

July 15, 2023

Employees of a North Bend Outlet Mall store called in a shoplift in progress. It was reported that a male had exited the store and got into a white sedan. The first officer on the scene attempted to stop the vehicle, but it fled at a high rate of speed onto I-90 (due to legislation, officers can not pursue for this offense).

The store then called back and advised the subject had a female accomplice who had also stolen merchandise and was running across the street. Officers found the associated female in the Chevron car wash and detained her. She had dumped the stolen merchandise that officers recovered. Dispatch found a male in a law enforcement database associated with the female that matched the store surveillance video. He returned with several warrants. The female was cited for Theft 3rd, and felony charges are being forwarded for Eluding and Organized Retail Theft.

[Information provided by the City of Snoqualmie]

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  • Great enforcement by SNOPO but not so great for King County Jail (He was transported to King County Jail, where he was medically declined, and the officer released him in Seattle) Same old thing – car theft! Hopefully the present lws will be reversed after the next elections!

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