Police Blotter | enjoying the brisk morning air; fighting over mom; stolen car with drugs; DUI crash

November 18th

Warrants and Guns

At 1:30PM officers responded to the 39000 Block of SE Beta Street to search for a suspect in a robbery investigation. The male was located and taken into custody without incident. Officers also recovered a pistol and a semi-automatic rifle.

November 19th

DUI Accident

At 7PM Snoqualmie Officers were Dispatched to a 3-car injury collision located at 39000 Block of SE Park Street. Upon arriving, aid crews advised officers the driver of the at fault vehicle was heavily intoxicated. The female driver was a block away from her destination before crashing into two parked vehicles. Her passenger was taken to the hospital due to her injuries. The driver was booked for DUI after getting medically cleared.

November 20th

Early Morning Stroll

At 4AM officers were dispatched to 6000 Block of Silent Creek Ave SE for a male subject looking into vehicles. The reporting party confronted the male before him leaving on foot. When officers contacted him near Curtis Drive, they asked why he was out walking at such an early hour, he stated that “he was trying to clear his head.” Due to the limited amount of clothing the subject had on, no bags and no tools – officers believed he was in fact just enjoying the brisk morning air.

November 22nd

Fighting over Mom

Around 2PM officers were dispatched to a disturbance at a local retirement facility in North Bend. The caller stated that an elderly female with dementia was being taken by her son and the son was not supposed to be there. Upon arrival, officers spotted the mother and son duo across the street at another business. The intoxicated son became angry and would not comply with officers. After resisting arrest, the son was taken into custody. The mother was safely returned to the facility and the son was booked and is being charged with unlawful imprisonment and resisting arrest.

November 24th

Park Patrol

At 4:45PM during a routine patrol of Tollgate Park, officers spotted a vehicle with very expired tabs. Officers contacted the occupants who stated they were aware that the tabs were almost 4 years expired. Upon running the tab, it came back stolen out of Federal Way. The officers then noticed some drug paraphernalia on the floorboard. After speaking with the driver, the female admitted to having methamphetamine in the vehicle. She was arrested and the drugs were taken to be confiscated.

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  • Wow, someone robbed at Gun Point in Snoqualmie…not so safe town.

    Can you ask Detective Bruton where the DNA is at from the brutal rape and assault downtown in February? It was supposed to be processed over 2 months ago, and Detective Bruton is not answering about it.

    Unsafe Snoqualmie. Fake crime statsitics, fabricated by a police department that fails to get cases to the King County Prosecutor. Look at the criminal cops where Chief Phipps came from in Visalia, CA. Facing 40 felonies.

  • Recovered a pistol and semi-auto rifle from a robbery suspect a block or two away from the high school? Good work, officers!!

  • Living Snoqualmie