Police Blotter | Bleeding and frost bite; falling and trying to light hair on fire; 79 in a 35; don’t give me that shot

January 26th

Welfare Check

At 10:40PM officers were dispatched to the 76-Gas Station in Snoqualmie for a male who was bleeding from the head and pumping gas. Officers were able to stop the vehicle as it was leaving the gas station. Not only was the male bleeding from the head, but there was also a pool of blood on his floorboard and possible frost bite on his feet. The male apparently had fallen and had no idea where he was. He was taken to the hospital by aid.

January 27th

Nerf Gun War

Around 9PM, an anonymous caller reported a possible domestic violence dispute in the 38500 Block of SE Newton St. Officers arrived and contacted the occupants who advised that they were having a nerf gun fight and everything was okay.

January 27th

Unwanted Guest

Around 3AM officers were dispatched to a location in downtown Snoqualmie for help removing a subject who had a history of being violent. Officers arrived and witnessed the male attempting to bother some women. When asked to stop, he immediately became hostile and started fighting with several officers. Eventually the taser was deployed, and the male was detained. After getting medically cleared, the male was booked and charged with Criminal Trespass, Assault, Resisting Arrest and Obstruct Public Servant.

January 29th

Welfare Check

Around 7:15AM officers responded to the North Bend QFC for two subjects slumped over the wheel in a vehicle. When officers woke up the individuals inside, the driver appeared to be trying to hide something in his hands. Officers could also see a glass pipe and tinfoil on the floorboard. The driver was detained for further investigation and during a routine search of the male, he was found to have 4 large throwing knives on him. The male was arrested and booked.

January 30th

Male Lighting His Hair on Fire

Around 1:30AM a call came in from the 200 Block of SE Orchard Dr for an unknown male outside who was repeatedly falling and was trying to light his hair on fire. Officers contacted the male who appeared heavily intoxicated. His face was swollen, but he had a difficult time communicating to officers what had happened. Aid was requested and the male was taken to the hospital.

January 31st

Screaming Child

Around 2:45PM officers were requested to respond to the Bartell Drugs in Snoqualmie for a welfare check on a child that was screaming behind a closed door. The caller reported that a staff member came out and asked another staff member to assist them. Officers checked on the child and it turns out the child wasn’t thrilled about getting a shot.

February 1st

Water Over Roadway

Around noon officers and Snoqualmie Public Works put up “Road Closed” signs in the 9000 Block of Boalch Ave SE for water over the roadway. After putting up the signs, an officer observed a vehicle go past the barricades and drive the entire portion of the roadway that was closed. The officer greeted the driver at the other end of the roadway and placed him under arrest for disregarding road closure signs.

February 1st

Vehicle Filling up with Water

Around noon a 911 call came in from the 7800 Block of Pickering Ct SE in Snoqualmie from a male who stated he was stuck in a vehicle and it was filling with water. While on the phone, the water came up to the male’s abdominal area and he was unable to get out of the vehicle. Dispatch also notified Fire Crews. Officers and Aid arrived and were able to get the male out from the vehicle and provide him a ride to a nearby location. The next day, the driver was able to get his vehicle towed.

February 2nd

Reckless Driving

Around 1:20PM an officer was patrolling the 9000 Block of Boalch Ave SE when he spotted a vehicle that abruptly started to accelerate causing the vehicle to lose traction and keep accelerating. The officer was able to catch the speed via radar at 79 MPH in the posted 35 MPH zone. After stopping the vehicle, the male driver said he was conducting a “dyno” test to measure the vehicle’s engine power and torque. The driver was placed under arrest for Reckless Driving.

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  • I do not agree with this ‘arrest’ at all. In our many years in the Valley we went around Road Closed signs dozens of times – especially where the low spot is on Mill Pond/Reinig where the RR bridge used to cross. Locals know and understand the issues and know how much water their vehicles can take and have been judging correctly for years……

    I wonder if we really have all of the information associated with this ‘arrest’ for what I perceive as a logical personal decision that a local can judge on their own – especially if the water level has changed since the signs were put out.

      1. I’m definitely not a boomer here and I agree with Dave. While I see the point of getting a talk about the potential impact a decision to go around the signs warrants I have become increasingly disturbed by the transformation of the local police from a small town friendly entity that used to smile and wave to a military type group that dress like they are patrolling Somalia instead of snoqualmie, drive around in blacked out SUV’s and arrest people for going around signs.

        I wonder did they bring out the armored vehicle they have to arrest this person?

    1. Nah — We don’t spend time outside to learn the skills to judge water depth mainly duevto our smart phone and Xbox addictions.We also don’t need your oil harming our environment..

      1. agreed. this isn’t a “personal decision”, it’s an act of recklessness/stupidity that could affect all of us in many different ways: oil in the water, having to pay for this person’s rescue, car dying/getting stuck = longer closure even once the water recedes, etc. i agree with the OP that we don’t have all the information, so who knows who is right. maybe this was a safe move, maybe it wasn’t. i’ll defer to the police on this one.

  • I don’t know what these circumstances were, but easy on your assumptions folks.

    I know personally that enforcement on flooded roads is excessive at times. I recently got dinged by the county for driving around road closed signs where Dave describes…when my lane was entirely dry! Rather than a more practical approach, the officer took their time “writing me up” (making my kid was 30 min late to their sports practice) and I left with a criminal infraction. All for driving AROUND a mud puddle in the other lane that was smaller than most potholes on our gravel drive. I’m not exaggerating at all.

    If the road crews want us to heed their signs, they should be more proactive in taking them down when no longer needed. Heck, yesterday morning there were no closed signs when I took my kid to school…and the water was exactly the same as when I got my infraction. A road dept pickup was parked alongside the road watching people pass…and had put up a simple warning sign instead. Inconsistency.

    Protecting lives and our environment is one thing, but this wasn’t that. Wiith detours that are several miles long, a little more practicality could go a long way.

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