Police Blotter | $2300 turned in by honest citizen; slumped over wheel on Mountain Ave; naked man under the bridge

Here are a few of the calls the Snoqualmie Police Department responded to in North Bend and Snoqualmie during the past two weeks.

August 12th

5:21PM – Felony Warrant

North Bend officers were on patrol in the area of SW Mt. Si Blvd and ran a license plate that returned to a male with a felony warrant out of Kittitas County. Officers stopped the vehicle and upon checking the I.D. of the subject, it matched the I.D. on the felony warrant. Officers booked the subject into the King County Jail.

August 13th

7:32AM – Suspicious

Snoqualmie Officers were dispatched to a report of a male and female subject slumped over the wheel and their vehicle blocking the roadway on Mountain Ave SE. Officers arrived and tried waking the subjects, but were not successful. Aid arrived and were able to wake the subjects who were coming down from suspected drug use. No charges were filed because they were not actively using drugs.

August 14th

2:02AM – Suspended Driver

North Bend Officers patrolling the area of SW Mt. Si Blvd stopped a vehicle where the driver’s status came back as suspended. The driver was issued a citation for driving with a suspended license in the 2nd degree and for driving without insurance. He was booked into Issaquah Jail.

August 15th

10:20AM – Honest Citizen

A subject brought $2300 into the police department that he had found. Through social media, the owner was contacted and was able to describe the denominations and detail of the money clip it was in.

August 15th

1:05PM – Naked Subject

Snoqualmie Officers responded to a report of a naked male under Meadowbrook Bridge. When they arrived they found a naked man in his mid-50’s. The incident was transferred to King County Sheriff’s Office.

August 15th

11:24PM – Warrant

Snoqualmie Officers stopped a speeding vehicle on Railroad Ave. The driver had a misdemeanor warrant with Black Diamond Police and was suspended. The officer met Black Diamond PD and they transported her to the Enumclaw Jail.

August 16th

6:20PM – Domestic Dispute

Officers were dispatched to the 30000 block of Gravenstein Court for a report of yelling coming from a residence. Upon arrival they found that siblings were in an argument and one of the subjects had thrown a phone against the wall. The officers spoke to all parties and left the residence.

August 18th

11:04AM – Unwanted Subject

Officers responded to a residence on the 7000 block of Douglas Ave for the report of an unwanted subject who refused to leave. When the subject learned that the police had been called, he left the residence. The officers were in the area and were able to stop the vehicle. The subject was taken into custody for criminal trespass in the 2nd degree and booked into Issaquah Jail.

August 19th

11:11 pm – Alarm

Snoqualmie Officers were dispatched to an internal residential alarm in the 30000 block of SE Park St. They arrived to find the back door open but nobody inside. The house was secured.

2:05 am – DUI

Snoqualmie Officers on patrol in the area of Railroad Ave SE arrested a driver for suspicion of drunk driving. The driver was observed crossing the center and fog line multiple times. The driver refused to take the test and was booked into the SCORE Jail. Charges were forwarded to the prosecutor.

August 20th

1:04 am – Warrant

Snoqualmie Officers in the area of Snoqualmie Parkway & SE Douglas Street stopped a vehicle for no brake lights. A driver’s status check revealed that the female subject had an active warrant. She was booked into the SCORE jail on the warrant and for possession of drug paraphernalia.

1:09 am Intoxicated Subject

Snoqualmie Officers responded to the report of a male subject yelling and causing a disturbance in the 8000 block of Silva Ave SE. They arrived to find a male who was suspected of being highly intoxicated. The male subject was transported to the hospital for a voluntary detox.

1:24 pm – Stolen Vehicle

Snoqualmie Officers on patrol in the Pickering Court neighborhood ran a license plate check that came back stolen. The vehicle was occupied by a male and female subject. A search of the male and vehicle revealed suspected drugs and drug paraphernalia. The male subject was booked into the King County Jail for taking a motor vehicle without permission.

August 22nd

4:57 am – Vehicle Fire

Snoqualmie Officers responded to assist Snoqualmie Fire with a fully engulfed vehicle fire on SE Winery Rd. Fire investigator arrived and will investigate.

8:09 pm – Suspicious Subject

Snoqualmie Officers were dispatched to the 38000 block of SE Cedar Street for the report of suspicious males stopping at every vehicle. Officers contacted the subjects and told them to leave the area.

August 23rd

6:36 pm – Agency Assist

Snoqualmie Officers assisted Issaquah Police Department with a suspected DUI driver that had gotten onto I-90 near exit 25 and was coming into Snoqualmie. The Snoqualmie officer spotted the vehicle and was able to get it stopped near milepost 27. The male subject was arrested for suspected for possible DUI and Washington State Patrol took the case over.

August 24th

8:01 pm – Warrant

Snoqualmie Officers on the patrol near the 9000 block of Frontier Ave SE stopped a vehicle that showed the registered owner had an outstanding warrant for $25,000. They confirmed the male subjects identity and booked him into the King County Jail.

In addition to the above calls, officers worked security at the Boeing Classic all weekend. The only significant incident to report was a male who was suspected of being intoxicated. He was asked to leave and did so on foot back to his residence.

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  • >> No charges were filed because they were not actively using drugs.

    Let’s see: You find a couple passed out in their car, blocking a road way and the car smells of alcohol, you take them to jail and nearly ruin their lives because they could have killed someone.

    But if you find someone passed out in their car, blocking a road way and they are coming down from heroin, they you let them go because….because? Because???

    This makes absolutely zero sense. If someone is operating a motor vehicle under the influence of a substance, then the punishment should be clear.

    We’re slowly evolving to a world where there are two justice systems. Take a crap on the steps of the library in Seattle, nothing happens. Open a beer on Alki beach, $300 fine. Too much to drink the Casino and then you drive home and pass out at the wheel, $25,000 in legal fees. Too much heroin and then drive home and pass out at the wheel, nothing. Shoot a person while a citizen of the US, jail for a decade. Shoot a person while visiting from another country, you get sent back home and released.

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