Police Apprehend Stabbing Suspect on North Bend QFC Roof

Police activity was quite noticeable in downtown North Bend for numerous local residents, Thursday, June 4, 2015.  At one point, residents reported North Bend Elementary, where organizers were prepping for a school barbecue, was put on a precautionary police lockdown.

The Snoqualmie Police Department (SPD) stated that around 4PM they responded to a North Bend motel for a reported assault with a knife, saying an adult victim had a minor laceration on the forehead and the adult male suspect had fled the area on foot.

After a K-9 search of the nearby North Bend area, SPD said the suspect was apprehended without incident atop the roof of the North Bend QFC grocery store, located at 460 E North Bend Way.

According to a press release, the adult suspect was booked into King County Jail on Felony Domestic Violence assault charges.

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Snoqualmie Police atop the North Bend QFC apprehending stabbing suspect, 6/4/15. Photo Britney Bjorke
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Snoqualmie Police atop the North Bend QFC attempting to apprehend stabbing suspect, 6/4/15. Photo Britney Bjorke


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Snoqualmie Police atop the North Bend QFC apprehending stabbing suspect, 6/4/15. Photo Britney Bjorke


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  • I just want to say how much I appreciate the Snoqualmie Police Department! They are so quick to respond to issues in North Bend! Every officer I have ever been involved with has been respectful, and doesnt minimize the importance of your concern! They are so willing to spend the time to listen to any concern that may be voiced. I never felt I had the full attention or concern when King County was in charge! Thank you Sno-Po ….. North Bend loves you guys!

    1. I don’t respect the opinion of a lady that takes my 17 year old son out of my house moves him into hers and proceeds to buys him and her daughter a brand new bed to sleep in after I told her over and over that hes not moving into her house, her only responses to me was the girlfriends mom always wins, my son had straight A’s and was about to graduate highs school in 5 months with 4 extra credits and ended up dropping out and not graduating because of this lady, she had sent me nasty messages right before my son turned 18 telling me “well it looks like you have 6 and a half hours before you have to get a life since your son will be 18. Her and her husband went in on a scam with my sons father and were paid off by him to keep my son there against my will, her husband Rod proceeding to tell me several times that my son has moved on and is never coming back, I don’t know these people from adam so for strangers to do this makes me very angry. Tammi is a manager at QFC and perceives herself to be very sweet and innocent, I know first hand that she’s not, she’s very sneaky and she is doing everything in her power to not let anybody know what she has pulled with me and my son and numerous other people, if she’s capable of being a manager she’s capable of knowing better, she’s very sneaky, do not trust her and especially her husband, coming from a person that knows first hand, Tammi when somebody tells you to send there kid home you send that damn kid home!!! warning to other parents about these people

  • Daer Sir/Madam,
    I believe the young man arrested on the roof, is in fact my grandson, I live in the UK this young man was taken to America by his mother when he was I a baby? It made him suffer untold suffering and he should never he’s gone, he should have been left he with his father. I do hope that this prison will make him a better person and cure him of his addiction . Make him realise that he has wonderful opportunities there and if he works hard he can achieve so much. I am an RN now retired and he should remember how hard it was for us making a living back then.
    Take care and look after yourself and your family.
    Lots of love,

  • Living Snoqualmie