Business Comings & Goings: Pet Place Market Change of Ownership, what’s new in store for Valley Pets?

This is the latest column from North Bend resident and pet trainer at Miss Lola’s Academy for Wayward Dogs, Melissa Grant. For all you pet owners out there – this is kind of some big news. Read on…

When Brenna Shoultz was looking for a new business venture nine years ago, she was ahead of the pack in terms of knowledge about pet-based businesses. Her Dad owns a pet resort and Brenna considered trying the same business model here. After much thought and careful consideration of King County regulations, she decided a pet boutique and self-wash was a better fit for her and for North Bend.

In April 2007 the Renaissance Pet Boutique opened in downtown North Bend. The name was a nod to her Father’s business in Banning, California – the Renaissance Pet Resort – and Brenna was welcomed into the community with open paws. Her business thrived, but the rent was expensive and the space small.

In 2010 an opportunity presented itself in the form of a building for sale on the corner of Bendigo and 2nd. Interested in expending her business to include a larger choice of food lines, Brenna and her husband decided to buy the building and Pet Place Market was born.

For the past nine years we’ve all enjoyed the self-wash room, the great selection of food and all the friendly employees, so when I heard Brenna was selling the business I was as nervous as a cat. I had to ask her why she would do such a thing?! She explained that being a puzzle person at heart, she likes to fit all the pieces of a business together, make it work right and now that PPM is humming along nicely, its time to move on to a new challenge – helping other new businesses get started as a consultant.

But what would become of our beloved Pet Place Market?

Enter Christopher Creighton a, gasp, Seattleite? A Canadian by way of New Zealand and Australia, Seattleite!  What is this guy up to and how did he come to own a store clear out here in North Bend?

When I first talked to Christopher and Brenna they told me they met up on Because they mentioned this while grinning and chuckling, I dug a little further and found out that he started off as a customer after coming out to do the things Seattleites do in North Bend: Hike, Mountain Bike and just generally enjoy the scenery.

Formerly in logistics and distribution, Chris had sold his business in 2014 and was looking for a new challenge. Around the same time his own pet had some issues and Chris became interested in the impact of nutrition on pet health. He and Brenna talked and it seems the timing was right for everyone. On March 1st Chris took over as the new owner of Pet Place Market.

But will our beloved PPM change? Chris says no, it will only improve. The building will be remodeled soon and there is an expansion possibility  (he has an in with the landlords). If that happens, he hopes to increase the freezer space for raw food and bones; get a big TV to run informational programs on pet nutrition (and the all-important Seahawk games); and increase the space for services such as vaccination clinics and pet dental programs.

So be sure and check out Pet Place Market’s nine-year anniversary on April 30th. You can say good-bye to Brenna, hello to Chris and take advantage of 20% off on virtually everything in the store. Love a Mutt pet rescue will be around and there will be prizes, treats and PPM merchandise on hand.

Oh and if you have a good real estate deal, hit Chris up he’s looking to become a local. If we let him…..woof!

Christopher and Brenna at Pet Place Market
Christopher and Brenna at Pet Place Market

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  • I love the store and am sorry to see Brenna go but I am glad it is going to remain open so we can continue to patronize it. The service we receive is far superior to any of the larger chains and the prices comparable or in some cases even less then the larger stores. Welcome to the Valley Chris & best of luck Brenna.

  • Living Snoqualmie