Pedestrian Killed Monday Night on Interstate 90 Near Milepost 27

According to the Washington State Patrol (WSP), at approximately 830 pm on Monday, February 6th, a pedestrian was killed on I90 near milepost 27.

A 2017 Toyota with a 27-year-old female driver was traveling westbound in lane four of four at the same time a pedestrian was walking westbound in the same lane.

The vehicle struck the pedestrian, came to rest on the left shoulder and the pedestrian came to rest in the median.

The pedestrian was killed. The vehicle’s occupant was wearing a seatbelt and was not physically harmed. Drugs and alcohol were not involved.

The pedestrian has not yet been identified.

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  • This just breaks my heart for all. So sad someone died and so heartbroken for the person who hit the pedestrian.

    1. > So sad someone died

      Someone died because we refuse to enforce laws. It is against the law to walk on I90. But KingCo voters have decided that enforcing laws related to people walking on freeways are not allowed. Remember the rave being held on I5 in Seattle in 2020? And the two women that were hit? Gov officials knew the rave was happening, and they closed the road. Kind of. But some made it through.

      Blame voters for electing people that refuse to enforce the laws. it’s getting worse, not better. We all know where this ends up. But nobody will say it out loud.

  • This is becoming alarming. 4 human vs car collisions in a little over a year in very close proximity. I think a least 2 are suicide by car. This one and the one just last month when he was sitting on the freeway. Just my opinion. Sheryl is right this is very sad for all, and the way’s some are dealing with these hard times.

    1. There must be a homeless camp nearby. Otherwise, I90 near SR18 is too isolated for pedestrians to find their way onto the highway.

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