Only in Snoqualmie Valley: Roads Turn a Trip to School into a Photographer's Fall Dream

This fall has been one of the most beautiful I can remember since moving to the Snoqualmie Valley 11 years ago.  Granted, we’ve had to put up with wildfire smoke and only a trace of rain since July, but what it amounts to is an endless supply of beautiful photo backdrops.  Everywhere you look in the valley right now, well, it’s just beautiful, especially with the changing fall leaves and exploding color.

I’ve lived a lot of places, but this is the only place where a morning drive to school can become an amazing autumn photo opportunity.  This morning I decided to give my new camera phone a test spin and changed my route home from North Bend to Snoqualmie  – Reinig Road to Mill Pond Road to Snoqualmie Falls.  Here’s a peak at what greeted me along the way.  I am not a photographer, but appreciate the beauty that makes it easy to take a good shot.

Happy Fall everyone!

Reinig Road sycamore trees getting ready to change colors

Sunrise over Mt. Si and the Snoqualmie River

Bridge over Snoqualmie River

Sunrise river reflections

Bridge before Snoqualmie Falls drop

Snoqualmie Falls ends my morning school trip home




  1. Jessica Bailey says


  2. We just moved to Reinig rd and every drive is indeed beautiful .

  3. Oh my FREAKIN’ GOD!! I may adore and love these photos as much as I adore you! Wonderful shots and I’m tearing up looking at them. Yea, sure Chicago has great photo ops, but really, nothing to compare..especially your shot of the falls. LOVE THESE!!!

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