Business Comings | Two New Restaurants Open their Doors in Snoqualmie

Two new restaurants opened their doors on Railroad Ave in historic Snoqualmie on November 30, 2015.

Caadxi, Taste of Oaxaca

In the spot adjacent the Snoqualmie Market once occupied by Maverick BBQ, Caadxi, Taste of Oaxaca is now welcoming patrons.

The interior received some refreshing and feels cozy. Caadxi serves what is described as “authentic Mexican food” and as some someone who has traveled to southern Mexico for the past 10 years, menu items look similar to what I’ve experienced while in Zihuatanejo – and I am excited to see tacos al pastor on the menu.

They had a fresh salsa bar set up and according to the menu, their tortillas are homemade. They also have vegetarian and gluten-free menu items.

Be warned, though, for the time being, they only take cash – and they didn’t have any paper to go menu available yet, but we were allowed to take some photos of the menu.  The hours weren’t listed on the door and I forgot to ask – sorry.

Welcome to town Caadxi!

mexican rest menu cover

mexican rest menu2

mexican rest meni 1

Copperstone Family Spaghetti Restaurant

A few doors down, in the spot formerly occupied by Ray’ Dining Car, Copperstone Family Spaghetti Restaurant is officially open for business, to0.  The interior received a lot of freshening, including a new, warm paint color, new tables and recovered booths.  It also felt very comfortable.

Snoqualmie City Councilman Charles Peterson and his wife were eating lunch when we stopped in – and said they were enjoying their meal.

Copperstone’s website isn’t up and running yet ( so we also grabbed some photos of the menu.

Winer Hours are Sunday – Thursday, 11:30AM – 8:30PM, and Saturday and Sunday, 11:30AM – 9:30PM.  They’re closed on Monday.

Good Luck Copperstone!

copperstone interior 1

Lunch Menu

lunch menu 1

lunch menu 2

Dinner Menu

dinner 1

dinner 2

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  • Enjoyed my cheese ravioli with meat sauce and a “little” basil on top. I asked the chef if the ravioli were made in-house, not now but maybe later. I was curious about further use of herbs since I am an herbalist and he didn’t know about tarragon but seems eager to learn. A bonus! Good family restaurant, good portions and good prices. We wish Troy and Adrianna Bacon good fortune with this restaurant and we will definitely be back.

  • We just got take-out from Caadxi. They’re still new, and still working out their systems. That said, the food was great! Very authentic. We got tacos (both carne asada and the barbecue pork, and both delicious) and a torta for my 9 year old son (asked for it without jalapenos.) My husband also got a Chile Relleno that was a true chile relleno, not just a omelet with a poblano in it. I hope they stick around!

  • Copperstone was excellent. It was a warm, welcoming environment with good prices, for an inexpensive, yet delicious meal for my kids and I. I really recommend this restaurant if you are in the area.

  • We had dinner at Caadxi last night. In short, this is real food. No microwaves humming in this kitchen. It is all freshly made food and it is wonderful. If you’ve ever eaten at La Carta de Oaxaca in Ballard, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. The people working in the kitchen came from La Carta de Oaxaca and know what they are doing. And NO, this is not your standard Mexican restaurant. It is southern Mexican (Oaxaca). You will not find over heated food with processed cheese oozing all over the place. This is just clean, honest, food.

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