North Bend Welcomes Dahlgren Family Park: Enhancements Await Tanner Landing Park

North Bend is poised to welcome a four-acre green space named the Dahlgren Family Park. Situated on SE North Bend Way, just beyond the 436th Avenue SE roundabout, this park promises to be a recreational haven with amenities including playground equipment, scenic trails, a picnic area, a sand volleyball pit, a dedicated restroom, and a direct trail link to the established Tanner Landing Park in King County.

Moreover, King County is sprucing up the neighboring Tanner Landing Park. The refurbishments will encompass a new route for vehicles via the Dahlgren Family Park’s newly constructed roadway, leading to the Middle Fork Snoqualmie River’s brand-new area designated for kayaking and rafting. Additions will also feature extra parking facilities, a special drop-off zone for non-motorized boats, and a cozy picnic spot.

Site plan for the Dahlgren Family Park.

The park’s creation, under the stewardship of the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, has been synchronized through a mutual agreement with the City and is slated for completion as the year draws to a close.

A Glimpse into the Historical Zoning of the Dahlgren Property

The Dahlgren Family Park graces the eastern segment of the Dahlgren property, a parcel previously owned by the Dahlgren family since the 1950s. Formerly zoned as Employment Park-1 (EP-1) – a space designated for manufacturing and industrial ventures – the property underwent a transformation in 2010.

Collaborative efforts between the city and the property owner created the Tanner Landing Master Plan Overlay. This not only paved the way for residential development but also mandated the establishment of a city-owned park on the Dahlgren premises. This strategic move synchronized the property’s purpose with both the County’s Tanner Landing Park and the vision of the City.

Discover more about North Bend’s forthcoming park enhancements and renovations by reading the summer/fall 2023 edition of the Business Bulletin.

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