North Bend Torguson Skatepark to get big redesign, expansion

Si View Parks is planning a big re-vamp and expansion of the Torguson Park Skatepark. Torguson Park is owned by the City of North Bend, but through a partnership it is operated and maintained by the the Si View Parks District.

Plans call for a complete redevelopment and expansion of the existing skatepark, replacing the current 6,000 sq. ft skating area with a new 13,000 sq. ft. facility.

The renovation is expected to break ground in early 2020, with Seattle-based skatepark construction company, Grindline, developing the preliminary designs based on community input gathered at two public meetings.

The new skatepark will include elements for all skill levels, along with a central gathering area. It also provides space for a future expansion if needed.

According to city public application notice, in addition to expanding the skating area, other improvement will be made, including a pedestrian path, landscaping and associated amenities.

Community members who wish to comment on the project have until 4:30PM on December 23, 2019. Comments should be submitted to: Jesse Reynolds, AICP, Senior Long Range Planner, North Bend Community and Economic Development Department, 920 SE Cedar Falls Way, North Bend, WA 98045 or Commenters are asked to be as specific as possible.

The Torguson Skatepark renovation project is funded by Si View Park’s voter approved capital bond.

Proposed Skatepark Designs

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  • I think it looks awesome! A great benefit to the kids and families of the Valley. Side bar… it possible to make the pics in your stories have the ability to “click on” and enlarge? It would greatly be appreciated by my old eyes!! Thanks! -Heidi

    1. Hi Heidi, If you double click and scroll down to ‘open in a new tab’ it should bring the photo up larger:)

  • I didn’t see how much it cost, but it can’t be cheap. Let’s think priorities for a moment. There are scores of seniors and working poor living in and around North Bend who are being forced to sell their homes and move because of skyrocketing property taxes. Ours increased 48% since 2015!! Much of this is to pay for the many new schools and other things for all the newcomers!) However, there are few affordable or smaller homes these long-time residents can “downsize” to. I hear nothing about from the city or developers about affordable housing for seniors and working class families. A larger skate park, like a water slide for the new Si View pool, are examples of unnecessary frippery. If newcomers want these things, they should pay for them and not expect seniors and those on fixed income to subsidize their extra frills. Thank you.

  • Living Snoqualmie