North Bend says newest roundabout on schedule, operational by end of month

You might not be able to tell when looking at the construction zone near QFC in North Bend, but the City of North Bend announced that construction on its latest roundabout at Park Street and North Bend Way is progressing as planned and is on target to be completely operational by the end of October. 

According to the city, the contractor will continue pouring curb and gutter along the south side of North Bend Way and installing stamped concrete in the medians through Tuesday, October 1st.  On Wednesday, October 2nd and Thursday October 3rd, paving around some of the new curb work will begin.

Starting Friday, October 4th, crews will begin removing pavement and grading for Phase 3 of the project. Phase 3 includes work on the east side of Park Street and another large portion of the roundabout curb.  

Phase 3 of Park Street Roundabout project highlighted in yello

All work is weather dependent, but the city said the contractor is making good progress and is on schedule to have all the curb work and the first lift of asphalt done by the end of October.

The project is expected to greatly improve traffic in this area of downtown North Bend – especially getting out of the QFC parking lot during peak traffic hours, something residents say can be nearly impossible depending on the time of the day.

Businesses in the construction zone remain open. The city is encouraging residents and visitors to support downtown businesses during construction. Drivers are asked to be courteous and patient of those attempting to pull into and out of business driveways. QFC plaza shoppers are also encouraged to use store the entrance off of Downing Avenue.

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  • Now if they would only get rid of the parking on the street in front of QFC–makes it impossible to see if someone is coming.

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