North Bend Says Hello to Frozen Yogurt, as The Swirl Opens its Doors

Attention! The City of North Bend just got its first frozen yogurt shop! The Swirl opened its doors this week, thanks to owner Deb Masters.  Deb has revamped the retail spot that was once home to The Reef Restaurant in the Mt Si Village Shopping Center, giving the space a new life and a whole new feel.

The Swirl is about double the size of the frozen yogurt shop on Snoqualmie Ridge that opened in March, and also strays from the traditional frozen yogurt shop design of tight quarters and bright walls. Deb decided she wanted a calm atmosphere and a color that reflected that, so no bright green walls for The Swirl.  Instead the interior greets you with light gray/blue walls and a dark brown ceiling.

When I visited the shop in progress last month, the floors were going in and the frozen yogurt machines were not yet installed, but you could still see the vision.  The place had pretty much been gutted, leaving little evidence of the fish and chips/burger restaurant that was once contained within its walls.

Deb’s vision is a place where people can sit, host birthday parties, too, with long tables and ample space.  She even has plans to offer coffee/espresso at some point, along with a wall of books, in the corner retail spot that boasts two large walls of windows.

I asked if she was nervous. After all, many places in the retail complex (that also houses the North Bend Ace Hardware) have gone out of business over the past few years.  She said she wasn’t.  She points to the new Bartell Drugs being constructed within two blocks of her new shop, the surrounding neighborhoods and the beautiful view of Mt. Si –  and wonders how could she go wrong.

Deb says there were a few glitches along the way (as is the case with most new businesses), but her email announcement yesterday made it official.  The Swirl is officially open – just in time for summer in North Bend and the Snoqualmie Valley.

The Swirl is located at 426 Main Ave South in downtown North Bend, near Ace Hardware, the Mt. Si Senior Center and the Department of Licensing.

Good Luck, Deb!  More pictures are soon to follow.

The Swirl's new sign designed by North Bend's Replicator Graphics
The Swirl’s new sign designed by North Bend’s Replicator Graphics

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  • Hi Danna — Thanks so much for the fabulous article! You’ve certainly captured my vision for The Swirl in a creative way, and I appreciate your input.
    I would also like to thank a group of teenagers who waited patiently while we attempted to fix some of those ‘glitches’. When I went outside to let them know that it might be another day before opening, they were so disappointed that I invited them in for some free samples. Totally unexpectedly, and to my delight – they all insisted on paying! What a great group of kids to have as customers!
    We also hosted our first party – for a softball team of nine-year-old girls and their parents. The place was hopping as they celebrated the end of their season.
    It’s so rewarding to have created a place where the community can come together and enjoy a fun atmosphere in comfortable surroundings – and of course Great Frozen Yogurt!
    Thanks again for your support!
    Deb Masters

  • The SWIRL’s frozen yogurt is sooooo good!!! I’m one of those boring chocolate and vanilla people but it was very tasty and boosted my sagging spirit after a long work day. Sure that will be a more than once a week stop on my way home from Ace.

  • Thank you for brining a place to North bend that I can take my 3 grandchildren, have a Swirl’s Frozen yogurt! They can read a book, listen to music or watch a movie. I will be a returning customer.

  • Living Snoqualmie