North Bend protest planned to bring community together to peacefully unite, stand against racism

Organizers announced a peaceful protest has been planned “to Stand in Solidarity with George Floyd, and other victims claimed by violent racial biases” for Saturday, June 6th from 2PM – 5PM in downtown North Bend.

Mount Si High School Senior Salma Habashi said, “I chose to help organize this protest because, along with the rest of the nation, our Snoqualmie and North Bend residents recognize the racial disparities we have in our systems.”

The local organizers have worked with Snoqualmie/North Bend Police during event planning. They want to educate the community on the issue of systemic racial inequality.

Salma said, “When the people of the United States recognize that there is a problem, we come together stronger than ever before. We take to the streets to ask for a change, and that’s such a beautiful thing. We just want to bring our community together to peacefully unite and stand against racism.”

Organizers say the protest is a family friendly, peaceful gathering. It is not affiliated with anyone intending to destroy property or harm others.

Their intention is to unite the Snoqualmie Valley community with the message of kindness and solidarity for the black community.

According to organizers, protestors will not be marching, blocking streets or sidewalks. They will be standing on the sidewalks near the intersection of Bendigo Blvd and North Bend Way and in Twede’s Cafe parking lot.

Twede’s owners were approached and agreed to allow the event, saying, “We believe strongly in the importance of everyone’s right to free speech and peaceful demonstration. Gathering together to amplify our voices is a foundational part of life in the USA, and we are here to support this right in whatever way we can.”

Social distancing and masks are required at the event. Organizers say those safety requirements will be strictly enforced or the event will be shut down immediately. They are asking participants to come prepared with masks, but said they will try to have extra on hand, as well as a water and hand sanitizer station.

The group said it has been in close communication with police, business owners and city staff to ensure the community is aware of their peaceful intentions. They are asking for attendees’ personal accountability to share their message peacefully and reserve the right to ask those who do not comply to leave.

Salma explained, “I ultimately wanted to use the unity that our community has to bring attention to the Black Lives Matter movement, George Floyd, and the other victims that have been taken by police brutality and racial biases. We want it to be known that the system needs to be changed to better support all of our American Citizens.”

For more information visit the Stand in Solidarity Snoqualmie Valley Facebook event page.

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  • Is the organizer of this protest planning on enforcing social distancing?

    1. Read the article.

      Social distancing and masks are required at the event. Organizers say those safety requirements will be strictly enforced or the event will be shut down immediately. They are asking participants to come prepared with masks, but said they will try to have extra on hand, as well as a water and hand sanitizer station

  • Excellent! I’m so thrilled to see a great opportunity to add our voices to the worldwide movement advocating for change on behalf of all those who are unjustly treated by people in authority. Even more exciting that this is led by our young adults.

  • The local North Bend businesses are right now spending $1000’s on plywood to board businesses up in fear of riots. Way to kick them while there down Salma. Just when they can open for phase 1.5.
    Well done.

    1. Careful Shawn, anyone who expresses reservations or apprehension at the potential of having their local neighborhood torched will need to be mindful that the Woke mob may be coming for them.

  • What a horrible thing to say!! She’s not running out there with a baseball bat breaking things. This is a high school student who has taken the time to speak with a local business and law enforcement to organize this beautiful event. Solidarity is what will bring light to the atrocities that are plaguing this country. This protest shows we stand with people of color and will not let these atrocities continue. That we will not let the actions of the few, tarnish the reputations of good officers who uphold the sanctity of thier badge. She is doing what some adults won’t because they fear stepping on the wrong toes. I for one commend her and you sir should be ashamed of yourself. I plan to be there to show support!

    1. I’m sure the girl’s heart is in the right place, but she’s going to feel awfully bad if outside radicals get wind of her event and decide to pay a visit. Also I don’t know if you’ve notice but there are atrocities being committed nightly by people in dozens of cities across the country. Raining destruction down on innocent people won’t solve the issues at play, and threatening them with violent revolution isn’t going to create solidarity or help to enlist people in a common cause.

      1. Salma did a great job. It was a wonderful event. I see that there are some whack jobs that just have to pipe in and make it negative. Unfortunate. It’s too bad we don’t have more Salmas!

  • In the article Salma said: “We want it to be known that the system needs to be changed to better support all of our American Citizens.”

    Democrats need to think about this: This is all overwhelmingly happening in blue cities. The people YOU voted for are inflicting this pain. And blue leaders have been doing this for decades. Seatlle hasn’t had a republican mayor since 1969. Think about that: They system in place right now is 100% due to democrats.

    It was the same with #metoo in 2018. Those that were doing all the bad deeds and covering up were overwhelmingly democrats. Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama both said Harvey Weinstein was a great guy. Again, the people YOU voted for. Al Franken was a senator that left office for his antics!

    The riots that we saw in 2014 and 2015…same story. Baltimore, another blue city, was destroyed by rioting. In 2014, before the riot, roughly 200 people a year died in that city, all due to crime (not cops–criminals were doing the killing). In 2015, one guy died in police custody and that was tragic. But since then, as the police have been “gentler” with the criminal elements of Baltimore, we’ve seen annual deaths climb to 300 to 350 people.

    In other words aggressive policing was saving 150 lives a year, but it had an accidental death every year or so. When the aggressive policing stopped, the criminal element grew and killed 100 to 150 extra people a year. And it hasn’t let up.

    Do you think the “gentler policiing” has helped Baltimore? There are 500 extra dead people, overwhelmingly black, that probably wish otherwise.

    I do NOT want to live in a place with fewer cops. What happened to Baltimore, yet another incredibly woke and blue city, is what I want to avoid for our marginalized citizens.

  • You left leaning liberals in these blue cities and states need to think about this: You don’t see any riots, lootings or arsons in red, republican run areas of the country! As a matter of fact, it is us right leaning republicans that you see covering different areas of your towns and cities against the left wing anarchists who want nothing but destruction and mayhem! …P.S “YOUR WELCOME!!!”

  • Why did you have to politicize this young persons effort to bring awareness for social justice. She never mentioned any politics in her reason to organize this protest. You are missing the point of the whole movement. It is about the constitution of the United States. ” All men (and women) are created equal. And unfortunately in the US it is not the case. It is not about red or blue cities. This kind of rhetoric only stokes the fires of divisiveness in this country.

  • I am Mexican. She is organizing the beginning of the type of events that statistically cause harm to innocent business owners.. And note that the government’s in many of the areas where theses things tend to happen are 100% liberal democrats with black police chiefs, black mayors, black prosecuting attorneys etc etc. I would recommend to any one I care about not to become a police officer and think it will be rather eye opening when the liberals get back in power, weaken your military and handcuff further anyone crazy enough to become a police officer. There are a lot of people in the world who would love to take what Americans have, the ONLY thing stopping them for now are your military and law enforcement officers.

  • Thanks so much for organizing this Salma.

    Unsurprisingly there was ZERO violence, ZERO need for the boards, and ZERO need for the locals to bring their guns for “protection”. I admire you so much for having the courage to organize this and the knowledge to get this done peacefully.

    I know the building owner of all the boarded up buildings and I hope he’s feeling foolish he spent all his time and money on the plywood.

    1. You know how people obey the speed limit in town when they know there are police consistently using radar? Crazy.

      Just think if Seattle businesses had boarded preemptively, had private armed security and the police were there.

      Each time you set your home alarm system or lock you car and you aren’t robbed doesn’t mean it was a waste of time; it could mean that criminals were deterred.

      Business owners acting prudently and protecting their investment inexactly what they should have done. Citizens carrying firearms to as a deterrent, might have been just that.

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