North Bend Launches Mount Si, City Live Webcam – What a View!

What a view!  Check out the new webcam the City of North Bend just installed, which boasts views of North Bend and Mount Si from high atop Rattlesnake Ridge.

The City of North Bend released the webcam’s link to the public yesterday.  Its Citizen Economic Development Commission, along with staff, collaborated to launch the webcam to display the beautiful view of the City, laid out on the Upper Snoqualmie Valley floor, with Mount Si and the Cascades as a backdrop.

The camera captures a live view of North Bend, I-90, Mount Si and the Cascade Mountains. It serves a purpose beyond the gorgeous view, as the camera can also be used for weather monitoring, with the ability to pan, zoom, and tilt to follow any event, from traffic on I-90 – to a helicopter rescue on Mount Si.

After many technical and environmental challenges the camera is now operational and may be viewed from the City’s website HERE.

Great job North Bend – Love It!

Screen Shot from new North Bend Web Cam


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  • The webcam is awesome, but two days ago the view zoomed so much, that there’s no Mount Si on it actually)) Only bit of I-90)) It would be cool if it is fixed.

  • I would love to visit North Bend using the Webcam but I can’t. I am trying to view it on my ipad which does not support Java.

  • Why did the camera quite working ? I have in joyed it on my I pad for a long time

  • Living Snoqualmie