North Bend Downtown Foundation launches Ripple Effect Award, honors beloved Bartell’s employee

The New Year has brought a new award to North Bend, designed specifically to recognize people who make a difference in your day; people who “make a gloomy day brighter, lighten our load, and make us smile.”

It’s called the Ripple Effect Award and is sponsored by the North Bend Downtown Foundation. It was inspired and suggested to the foundation by Ambur Brown, who wanted to give a local employee some recognition. Amber will also be administering the award each quarter.

According to the NBDF, the Ripple Effect Award is described as a way to honor “the folks that we go home to our families and tell the story about how they changed our day for the better — the people that make North Bend a great community to live and shop in.”

It may come as no surprise who was honored with the very first Ripple Effect Award: Keven Shadow, who works at the North Bend Bartell’s. Before moving to the North Bend store, Kevin worked in the Snoqualmie location where he also made quite a positive impact on the community.

Per the North Bend Downtown Foundation, “He always has a warm smile, a kind word, and a gift for making our community a warmer, friendlier place. He truly makes a positive Ripple Effect in our community.”

If you have someone you’d like to honor with the next Ripple Effect, send your submission to Amber Brown at Submissions must be received by the second Friday in March, June, October and December.

And Congratulations to Kevin…. a great person to kick-off this new award!

Kevin receiving his Ripple Effect Award from Amber on 12/20/19.

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  • Congratulations to Kevin!! I love seeing him in Bartels. He is so friendly, funny, and just a ray of sunshine! What a great award. 🙂

  • Wholeheartedly support Kevin receiving this award! I always smile when I walk in and just see him working, I know it will be a fun experience!

  • Kevin is the best. He truly is a gift to all of us in north bend. Hands down the nicest person I know.

  • Kevin always lifts our spirits! He is so kind to my son and goes out of his way to make each trip to Bartell’s a special treat. Congratulations!

  • Congrats Kevin! A stalwart on niceness! He definitely makes your day brighter after meeting him!

  • Living Snoqualmie