North Bend Citywide Weed Removal and Property Maintenance Effort to Prevent Wildfires

In an ongoing effort to be a Wildfire Resilient Community, the City of North Bend, in conjunction with Eastside Fire and Rescue, coordinates a citywide weed removal program in areas where overgrown vegetation may pose a fire risk.

North Bend Fire Code addresses vegetation and states, “Weeds, grass, vines or other growth that is capable of being ignited and endangering property, shall be cut down and removed by the owner or occupant on building lots that are either open or contain an occupied or vacant structure.” (e.g., overgrowth higher than 12 inches.)

Landscaping and vegetation maintenance are important components to reducing fire spread and the risk of property damage from wildfires, particularly within the first 30 feet of a home and/or business perimeter. King Conservation District recommends that grass be kept low for fire prevention. Additionally, grass that has been allowed to go dormant should be short and not mowed.

The City asks business and residential property owners to inspect their landscaping to determine if it contains overgrown fire risk vegetation. If so, and to prevent brush and wildfires during the ongoing dry weather conditions, the City recommends that any overgrown vegetation be cut down and removed.

Mayor Rob McFarland commented, “We are committed to doing all we can to prevent wildfires from impacting the North Bend community. Landscape maintenance is one of the easiest proactive steps residents can take to protect themselves, their homes and their neighborhoods from wildfires.”

In the coming weeks, the City will monitor and address areas where vegetation has become a potential fire risk, including city-owned property. In some cases, private property owners may also be notified, requesting their help with landscape maintenance to prevent potential brush and wildfires.

The City thanks residents for their help with this wildfire prevention effort.

For more information, you can watch the June 23rd Wildfire Resiliency and Preparedness Town Hall here.

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  • North Bend Elementary is doing nothing to control or get rid
    of the Knotweed or Blackberries growing all over the fence
    on the SE side of their property!

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