North Bend buildings vandalized with inflammatory graffiti, police say not hate crime

North Bend businesses were vandalized overnight, September 6, 2017, including the side the Mt. Si Dental/Remax building and Regency North Bend Nursing Home, which had offensive/inflammatory graffiti sprayed with bright orange paint.

The words were covered once discovered by employees early Thursday, and by late morning Regency was working to repaint the affected area facing the railroad tracks near the North Bend Depot.

By 4PM, September 7th, Snoqualmie Police reported the graffiti spanned 20 businesses, with many sidewalks along the construction area of downtown North Bend and Mount Si Senior Center also damaged.

According to Snoqualmie Police, they aren’t investigating the graffiti that contained the ‘n word’ as a hate crime. Snoqualmie Public Information Officer Joan Pliego said SPD believes the graffiti was random, rather than a purposeful hate crime, and the graffiti also occurred in other downtown areas.

“Random messages and words were painted on the buildings and sidewalks, leading us to believe it was an adolescent,” explained SPD Captain Nick Almquist. He added, “We want to identify those responsible for this crime and hold them accountable for the damage they caused.”

Pliego said the same orange paint was used to vandalize new concrete that is part of North Bend’s Downtown Plaza project, and a couple of street signs. Those incidents did not include inflammatory language, though. Pliego also commented that some of the words on the buildings were misspelled.

“The graffiti on the sidewalks was sprayed on fresh concrete that had not yet cured and will need to be redone,” said City of North Bend Public Works Director, Mark Rigos.

SPD does not believe this vandalism is connected to the graffiti that occurred in Snoqualmie earlier this summer. They feel the North Bend incident may have been committed by youth due to its randomness.

There are currently no suspects, but there is an active investigation into the vandalism. By Thursday afternoon officers had obtained some surveillance video from area business owners that they hope will help identify the suspect(s).

If you have any information about the incident, you can call Snoqualmie Police at 425.888.3333.


Offensive graffiti/vandalism on side of Mt. Si Dental/ReMax building, 9/7/17


Inflammatory graffiti on side of Regency Nursing Home in North Bend, 9/7/17. (Photo airbrushed)

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  • In thesame neighborhood, within 2 blocks, 4 weeks ago, bright neon paint was used to say nasty remarks on the grass of the home of two gay people. Not a hate crime? Police should think again. Seems geographically coincidental.

  • Not a hate crime unless you’re a black person living in North Bend/Snoqualmie. Then it is most likely viewed differently.
    “According to Snoqualmie Police, they aren’t investigating the graffiti that contained the ‘n word’ as a hate crime.”

  • They tagged other businesses too. I know they tagged us at Frankies, they tagged Huxdotter and the clinic. They we’re words just tags though.

  • Living Snoqualmie