No Snoqualmie Ridge Spring Garage Sale this Month

After many emails and messages inquiring about the much anticipated May Garage Sale, we enquired if the event would take place this month.

Sorry bargain hunters and hagglers, there will not be a spring community garage sale in Snoqualmie Ridge this year.

However, the Snoqualmie Ridge ROA is planning a fall community Garage Sale for the weekend of September 17 – 19.

Get ready to hit the Ridge neighborhoods and hunt for fun treasures and trinkets at this highly anticipated annual event!

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  • Instead of selling lightly used stuff accumulated during the Covid period, I see a lot more trips to the dump/transfer station. Which is a waste and goes against reuse/recycle. Of course, the ROA. won’t allow garage sales on the Ridge outside their official dates.

    I know what I’m doing this weekend! Factoria, here I come.

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