No Arrest Yet in Fatal North Bend Hit-and-Run; Memorial Fund Set Up for Victim

Photo of Lucinda Pieczatkowski from her memorial page
Photo of Lucinda Pieczatkowski from her memorial page

The King County Sheriff’s Office (KCSO) said as of January 7th it had not yet made an arrest in the New Year’s Day hit-and-run that took the life of 57 year-old North Bend resident, Lucinda (Lucy) Pieczatkowski.

At approximately 3AM Lucy was walking on 394th PL SE after she exited the car she was in when a disagreement arose.  She and a group of friends were on their way home from celebrating New Year’s Eve in downtown Snoqualmie, according to King 5 News.

Friends and family of Lucy Pieczatkowski launched fundraising efforts last week to help her son, Erik, with the memorial costs.  You can visit the online memorial page HERE.  They hope to raise $10,000 and were more than half way to that goal as January6th.

Last week Erik Pieczatkowski told King 5 News, “What we need for closure is for justice to be served.”

Sheriff’s Office detectives located the truck suspected in the hit-and-run the following day, January 2nd, in North Bend.  It is a later model white Ford F150 truck.  Its right head light and turn signal light were left at the scene, clues that helped investigators identify the type of vehicle involved in the hit-and-run.

King County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Cindi West says they “are fairly certain” the white truck is the suspect vehicle, but didn’t have the driver in custody yer.  Detectives have not released the exact North Bend location where the truck was found or the name of the registered owner, as it is an ongoing investigation.

The KCSO says they are interested in speaking to anyone who saw the suspect white Ford truck (and driver in it) on New Year’s Eve Night or early New Year’s Day.

Sgt. West did confirm that the suspect truck was heading south on 394 PL SE, which means it was heading toward North Bend Way and away from Railroad Ave/Hgwy 202. 394th is a connector road between Highway 202 (intersecting near Meadowbrook and Snoqualmie Middle School) and North Bend Way, with those roads being the only two paved access streets to 394th.  Local residents may also know 394th as Stone Quarry Road.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the King County Sheriff’s Office at (206) 296-3311.  There is also an award of up to $1,000 offered by Crime Stoppers for anyone providing information that leads to an arrest.  Crime Stoppers can be reached at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

Suspect truck from fatal North Ben hit and run on 1/1/13
Suspect truck from fatal North Ben hit and run on 1/1/13



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  • I sure wish they would post the ‘complete’ truck? Maybe then it might spark a memory in someone. Only very few have seen it in this condition.

    1. Tessa, I just changed the photo in the story to one that shows more of the whole side of the car. Police say this is the best they can give me. They had to be careful of how they took the photos at the scene so as not to show the license plates.

      1. Thanks! I see a tool box? I think? I thought it might be helpful to verify that. Hope it Rings a bell for someone…. it doesn’t me :/

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