Nike Store Theft Leads to Yet Another U-Haul Chase by Snoqualmie PD

On Friday, April 16th, at approximately 530 PM, the Snoqualmie Police responded to a theft at the Nike store in the North Bend outlet mall.

Photo Credit: Jeff Stapp

The SPD deployed spike strips at a traffic light, but the driver of the U-Haul would not comply and drove through the spikes.

According to local police scanner witnesses another person not involved was also a casualty of that spike strip.

The truck continued up Snoqualmie Parkway after driving through the spikes as Snoqualmie PD units gave chase.

The suspect vehicle hit the Snoqualmie Valley Hospital sign when a PIT maneuver (forcing the car sideways) was attempted. It continued until when of its tires fell off, and it was stopped.

The suspects were arrested without incident.

This is the second Snoqualmie PD U-Haul chase in recent history.

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