Police arrest stolen u-haul driver after chase through Snoqualmie causes collisions

The City of Snoqualmie said Monday, April 22, 2019 at 2:30PM the King County Sheriff’s Department requested the assistance of the Snoqualmie Police Department in the pursuit of a stolen U-Haul truck that was failing to yield and pull over.

The truck was seen in the Lake Alice neighborhood of Fall City and seemed suspicious. Upon receiving a call to 911, Sheriff’s Deputies located the vehicle in Fall City and attempted to pull it over. It fled on SR 202 toward Snoqualmie.

When the U-Haul entered Snoqualmie, Snoqualmie Police Officers attempted to use tire deflation devices to disable the vehicle. The driver went around the devices and side-swiped two vehicles. There were no injuries. Police said the driver in another vehicle attempted to ram the U-Haul unsuccessfully.

Witness Jeannine Martindale said she was waiting to head up Snoqualmie Parkway from SR 202 when the u-haul came screaming around the corner going toward downtown Snoqualmie. She said the u-haul almost tipped while turning and Snoqualmie Police were pursuing it on the opposite side of the Parkway where a lane had been closed by landscapers.

Other witnesses said on social media the u-haul [at least] once stopped short of the tire strips laid by police, reversed and drove backwards on the Parkway before turning and racing toward downtown. Other witnesses reported on social media that officers drew weapons on the driver before the he fled.

A city news release said due to tire damage on the U-Haul, the driver and a second occupant stopped the truck and fled on foot. Officers reportedly arrested them without incident.

The two occupants were an adult male and adult female from Federal Way. The male was booked on several counts of hit and run, theft of a motor vehicle, eluding police officers, and unlawful imprisonment. The female was released at the scene.

When asked why driver fled so dramatically from officers, SPD Captain Nick Almiquist attributed it to the vehicle being stolen.

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