New SnoValley Coffee Owners Expand Menu & Hours In An Effort To Make It The Community's Coffee Shop

Local couple, Chris and Emily Mossell, are the new owners of SnoValley Coffee on Snoqualmie Ridge.  Both come from a long line of small business owners – all the way back to Emily’s great grandparents who owned a grocery store.  It’s always been their dream to own a small business.  The couple say they were considering many different businesses before coming across the listing that SnoValley Coffee was for sale.  They say the idea of owning a place where people can drop in, stay awhile and visit was really appealing to them.

New owners and crew of SnoValley Coffee

Chris and Emily moved to Snoqualmie three years ago with their two dogs.  As new residents, the coffee shop was one of the first places they stopped on their way down to the Falls.  When they walked in the door as perspective buyers a few months ago, Emily says, “It just felt right.”

The SnoValley Coffee menu has changed a bit, but it is still a coffee shop first.  They partnered with Seattle’s Middle Fork Roasters and Emily says the coffee has received rave reviews so far.  They added two of the new drinks, which are proving very popular – the salted caramel latte (Emily’s favorite) and the cuban latte, introduced by new manager Melinda. The cuban latte is a great alternative for coffee lovers who like sweeter lattes or mochas. It is made by putting raw sugar and cinnamon right in the espresso shot – not by adding sweet syrup afterward. It has a cinnamon flavor that really lets the coffee shine

Other menu changes are a new humus and veggie plate, which features owner Chris’s fresh roasted red pepper dip.  They are also getting ready to introduce s’mores.  Yes, s’mores – good old fashion fun.  They’ll give customers marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate and a little camp fire to toast them right at the table.  Beer and sangria will arrive in June, or sooner if the liquor license is approved quickly.

Beer and Wine should be coming soon for the coffee shop's expanded evening hours

They’ve formed partnerships with local companies, too.  Rose at Spicoli Subs is baking all of the SnoValley Coffee pastries and quiches. Cynthia at MyCakes makes the tarts and the doughnuts are still from Steve’s Donughts, a local favorite. The decor has been “cozied” up with pillows, curtains and two new cabinets that Emily’s dad  handmade – all in effort to encourage people to stay and share time with the SnoValley Coffee team.

SnoValley Coffee has also expanded its hours, staying open later in the evening now.  Monday – Friday they are open at 6AM and Saturday and Sunday they open at 8AM.  Sunday – Wednesday they close at 8PM, but Thursday – Saturday they keep the doors open until 11PM.

Chris and Emily say, “This place is not just our coffee shop. Our intention is for it to be the community’s coffee shop and place to relax.”  So far they’ve had great community support and interest, along with suggestions.  The husband and wife team say they will succeed by “staying open to customer feedback and providing a place the community wants and needs.”

You can keep up with SnoValley Coffee on their Facebook page.  Good Luck Chris and Emily!




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  • Good luck – we love SnoValley Coffee and I’m glad to see this place stay with local owners! Please tell me they are keeping the kids’ play area — my 2 small kids LOVE going there for a treat and some play time on a rainy day.

  • I will ask them, Kristin. The last time I was in I didn’t pay attention… probably bc I don’t have little kids anymore so I don’t notice the same things:) They are very open to feedback.

  • We do still have a kids area – with a kid sized table, games, and books. We’ve even added games and quirky books for adults, too. The most popular games that kids and adults play together is the oversize tic-tac-toe board.

  • Where’s this located? I know we have Starbucks and the other shop by the UPS store, but I haven’t seen this one.

  • So far, you can still bring your small dogs in! The ONLY thing we have requested and we did the same thing with Dawn, the previous owner, is they carry a low carb/fat breakfast sandwich similar to Starbuck’s. If they would, we would come way more often!!!!!

  • Living Snoqualmie