New Snoqualmie retail development signs two more tenants; Ridge IGA staying put

A few months ago we told readers that it appeared quite likely a drive-thru Starbucks was coming to Snoqualmie – in the new Snoqualmie Parkway Plaza retail development currently under construction in the Business Park. The development will be anchored by Safeway and Bartell Drugs.

Although it appeared almost certain at that time that a second Starbucks would open in Snoqulamie, no lease had officially been signed.  Now it looks official.

On Wednesday, March 15, 2017, City of Snoqualmie Community Development Director Mark Hofman confirmed that Starbucks had signed the lease – as has MOD Pizza, which has another location in nearby Issaquah Highlands.. A Snoqualmie Ridge Starbuck’s manager also confirmed the coffee giant’s new drive-thru location, but said there will not be a third Starbucks inside the Safeway.

The 43,000 sq. ft. Safeway (with a fuel station) and 15,000 sq. ft Bartell’s are scheduled to open in summer 2017. Both buildings’ exteriors are currently under construction.

No, the IGA isn’t Leaving

As rumors continue to circulate that the Snoqualmie Ridge IGA will close when Safeway comes to town, IGA Manager Jessica Brookman said that is not the case – the store is looking to change things up, though.

In an email response Brookman stated, “We are definitely NOT going anywhere. We are in the middle of research, surveys, and market studies to evaluate exactly how big of a change we are going to make. There will be changes to our store, but we will remain a grocery store.

Brookman explained that the store had a large response from people wanting to see more natural, local, organic and non-GMO items, along with larger produce, bulk, meat, and deli departments.

IGA  management is currently evaluating these changes, and while Brookman said the IGA can’t be PCC, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or Safeway, she said it “can be a unique blend of what we hear the customers asking for.”

City of Snoqualmie retail studies show the population of Snoqualmie can support two grocery stores.


Snoqualmie Ridge Plaza design rendering presented in 2015. **Final design may be altered. **




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  • Thanks for the update! No other restaurants/retail going in besides Starbucks and MOD? After 19 years of living here I was looking forward to some variety…

    1. Still other spots to fill I believe – these are just the first official lease signees.

    2. I agree with the other 2 comments. Yay, we get ANOTHER Starbuck’s; an overpriced (even without the Ridge price hike on top) mediocre grocery store, which, along with Bartell’s, already has locations in Issaquah & North Bend, and a lame, latest fad of the week, hipster pizza place, also with many locations around us. What a bummer. If we are going to add more retail, at least make it interesting!

  • Yawn… generic town USA, and we already have a Star Bucks to boot. People, if we want people to visit our town, we need something worst visiting… not more bland all-the-same town USA. This city has no idea what potential is bring squaundered. First a generic (and ugly) hotel taking up precious space in the center of town and now this. Again… YAWN. Btw, while the town can support 2 supermarkets, if we keep getting “Ridge pricing” (I am looking at you Shell and Subway), I will continue to shop in Issaquah.

  • I’m with you Dave! My family moved to Snoqualmie because it was some place special void of generic stores, drive through restaurants, the same old cookie cutter crap stores, etc… I’m really sad to see a huge corporate giant such as Safeway moving in. Small independent Snoqualmie Ridge businesses and Issaquah will continue to get my money so long as the City of Snoqualmie continues to allow huge corporate giants to move in. There’s absolutely nothing special or memorable about a Safeway. If I want to shop at Safeway, I’ll simply drive to Issaquah after I finish shopping at Costco, PCC, Fred Meyer, etc. In the mean time, I’ll continue to give my business to the independently owned IGA.

  • Living Snoqualmie