New Snoqualmie [Drive-thru] Starbucks opens this week

It seems Snoqualmie loves its coffee.

Evidence? There will soon be three Snoqualmie [Ridge] Starbucks locations within two blocks of each other. Yes, you read that correctly.

The original Snoqualmie location adjacent the Ridge IGA is often overwhelmed with long lines (in-store and even with the mobile ordering app). In response, the company decided to open a drive-thru store in the new Safeway/Bartell’s retail complex where the two anchor stores opened earlier this summer. The second Starbucks location opened inside Safeway in August.

A Starbucks spokesperson said the company is always looking for great locations to better meet the needs of their customers, adding, “We are happy to confirm that we will be opening a new drive-thru location at 34817 Snoqualmie Parkway on September 15, 2017.”

Starbucks currently has drive-thru locations in North Bend and Issaquah.  Snoqualmie store hours are Monday –Friday5AM to 9PM; Saturday & Sunday5:30AM to 9.PM.

A new MOD Pizza will open next door the new Starbucks, but we don’t have an exact date for that opening yet. According to the City of Snoqualmie Community Development Department, MOD should open in September or October, though.



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  • Ummm.. where is the urban planning, Mr Mayor? We want diverse retail offerings… not 3 of the exact same thing. Sorry… I intend to only go to Starbucks elsewhere until at least one of these is driven out of business and we free up retail capacity for something different. Geez… city planning these days certainly wreaks of desperation/lack of vision.

    1. Also equally concerned about the logistics of drivers given its location and very limited ways in or out onto the parkway. I foresee lots of increased U-Turns at both Center and Douglas. The way you meander through the already strange roadway layout at Bartells/Safeway, means there’s no reasonable route for drivers to take on their way to work without some kind of back tracking or uturn. Congestion is certain in the driveway entrance to Starbucks/Mod, and even gridlock is possible.

    2. I like 76 Gas coffee myself…
      You guys continue to waste your $$/increase your waistline at Ridge Starbucks to keep my taxes low and the city well-funded. BRILLIANT for me. I’ll be using my $$ to live… LIKE the Topics for Christmas rocking a bathing suit with no Starbucks-induced flab or insulin injections. Of course… I will probably be asked to pay your future health bills….hmmmmm….

    3. Yikes… this amounts to THREE fast food restaurants peddling caffeine and sugar at the center of town. CLASSIC “bedroom community with no identity” move.

    4. Tim, the City has jurisdiction over zoning and design standards, but not specific uses. It would be arbitrary and capricious (illegal) for us to favor one retail vendor over another very similar (allowed) retail vendor. If the market supported it, we could have 20 coffee shops. Personally, I never acquired a taste for coffee. I can only assume that our extraordinarily very young population is keeping parents up at all hours on work nights.

  • Snoqualmie Ridge doesn’t want to grow or bring in a hotel, but they’re wanting more and more corporate businesses, not locally owned or independents? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  • I welcome all of the new retail. We have lived here 15 years and there has never been a need to “free up retail capacity”. There has and will continue to be vacant retail space on the Ridge and if you think for one second that not frequenting a Starbucks will drive them out of business you need to think again. Please stop the whining and welcome the jobs for locals, taxes to our city and the numerous places to shop and eat that we finally have!

  • As someone recently said, “Snoqualmie Ridge, because there’s always something to bitch about!”

    1. Hand crafted coffee from local ownership available for many years at Sno Ridge coffee – right across the library. For everyone whining about no alternatives to Star$’s give them a shot!

  • Tim,
    I am not sure how much urban planning experience you have but unfortunately it’s not that simple. Most small retail cannot thrive without large corporations that have the capital to back them. It’s sad but true. Look at the Snoqualmie Coffee company that is barely staying afloat! Maybe you should take your business there instead of “Starbucks elsewhere” if you’re trying to support diversity.
    I’m always surprised no one remembers how many small businesses have gone under here.
    And P.S., you can’t blame the Mayor for all your grievances!

    1. You are right, I can blame the lame people that live here that actually want 3 Starbucks in this tiny town.

    2. Andrew, the only reason that Starbucks is opening multiple locations, we have a new Safeway, etc. is that we have finally reached a critical population mass to support these businesses. You comment implies that we have 3 Starbucks because nobody else would want these locations so we should take what we can get. That is Tim’s reference to desperation. Not objecting to large corporations… but THREE OF THE SAME THING. How about a Panera Bread where that new Starbucks is?

  • I can’t wait for the new Starbucks to open. It is the first and only place with a drive thru on the Ridge. Also maybe with the Ridge having three locations there won’t be such a long line or wait time. If one looks too busy I then can go to the other location.

    1. Tammy, I am so thrilled for you. The convenience is simply awesome!!! You would not want to wait in line – imagine the indignity!! I would not want to take time away from you roaring up my street in your Escalade while texting and driving. I am pushing for 3 McDonalds within a block of each other for the same reason. Yum!!

  • There are 3 Starbucks because people on the ridge don’t care about small businesses from what I’ve experienced. People probably had one bad coffee at Sno Valley then go online and complain about it, which destroys a small business a lot easier than somewhere like Starbucks, and then don’t give it another chance. I know a local business owner who wanted to open up another coffee drive thru on the ridge, but it was a nightmare to deal with and the fee’s make it impossible. Talking over $100k in permits and impact fee’s. The Ridge does not support or welcome small businesses.

  • Maybe they should open a Cheese shop to go with all the Whine! If the community can support 3 Starbucks then great. Speak with your wallet and buy from Snovally coffee, it is the basis of a free market. Seriusly it is amazing how much people whine about everylittle thing when there are real problems in teh world. God help you if you are diagnosed with Cancer, or a loved one is, that is what life is about caring about loved ones not complaining online about every little silly issue.

  • The comment sections in articles like this are beyond entertaining…thank you! Some of them are just angry and mean, but insightful nonetheless. Enjoy Fall and smile if this is your biggest worrie in life.

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