New Snoqualmie Bartell’s, Safeway: ready, set opening SOON

After announcing last summer that  a new Safeway and Bartell Drug’s would be coming to Snooqualmie Ridge for the summer of 2017, the large construction project, coordinated by Snoqualmie-based developer EDG Commercial Real Estate, looks to be progressing on time.

After breaking ground in spring 2016 – and then finally revealing what stores would be occupying the buildings last June – construction crews are busy putting the final touches on the newest Bartell Drugs location, which should be opening in less than a month.

According to City of Snoqualmie Community Development Director Mark Hofman, Bartell’s should be welcoming customers the third weekend in July 2017.

Safeway won’t be too far behind. Hofman said the 43,000 sq. ft. grocery store is expected to open its doors around the third week of August. Crews are busy on the interior and installing store’s the fuel station at the corner of Snoqualmie Parkway and Douglas Street.

As for the much-anticipated Mod Pizza and drive-thru Starbucks? Well, Hofman said the opening dates for the two businesses is undetermined right now. The building that will be shared by the two stores broke ground a little later than Bartell’s and Safeway and crews have not begun interior work yet.

Here’s some photos of the Snoqualmie Parkway Plaza construction site.

New Snoqualmie Bartell Drugs, scheduled to open the third week in July.
Side view of newest Bartell Drugs location on Snoqualmie Ridge, opening in July 2017
New Safeway, which is scheduled to open around the third weekend in August on Snoqualmie Ridge
Snoqualmie Safeway, which should open around the 3rd week of August 2017.
Building under construction in Snoqualmie. Mod Pizza and Starbucks w/drive-thru will share. This end should be Mod based on the location of the Starbucks drive-thru window on the building’s rear.
Building that will be the future home of Starbucks (drive-thru) and Mod Pizza. Based on drive-thru window location, this side should be Starbucks.
Conceptual rendering of Snoqualmie Parkway Plaza retail development from October 2015 presentation.

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  • Any word on where Tesla will be installing their superchargers? Their website only states it will be in Snoqualmie and in late 2017. I keep guessing it will be at the new hotel on the ridge.

    1. I was informed by the grocery store developer that Tesla stations would be located within the Safeway project.

  • Hopefully this Safeway will be run more efficiently than North Bend! Long lines, under staffed & disgruntled employees. North Bend Qfc might be more expensive on certain items but as far as customer service and getting in and out goes it BY FAR surpasses N.B. Safeway. I was hoping for PCC, Whole Foods or Fred Meyer’s.

  • Just had to file a claim for Bad Gas damaging 2 of my vehicles. Recently filled up 2 vehicles at the Snoqualmie Location and in less than 1/4 tank of use both vehicles started running rough and diagnostic codes were the same. 2 different brand vehicles both with less than 85k miles on them. Both were running perfect the day before pumping gas here. Also upon research found that NONE of the pumps at this location have been inspected and certified for Gas Sales by Washington State Agriculture, Weight and Measures dept. I called this discrepancy in to the Wa. St. Ag office. They are sending an Inspector out to investigate.

  • Living Snoqualmie