New Metro Bus Route Coming to Snoqualmie Valley; More Options During Non-Peak Hours

Have you noticed the new bus route makers at local stops? It seems Snoqualmie Valley residents spoke and King County Metro listened.newbusroutesign

This summer, the King County Council approved Metro’s recommended changes to bus service in the Valley that will better match rider needs. Metro is revising routes 209, 224 and 311, allowing for the creation of new route 208 and a Snoqualmie intra-valley shuttle.

Metro states, “The services, developed with extensive community input, will be more effective and will cost less than traditional fixed-route bus service alone.”

Beginning September 28, 2013, new bus route 208 will debut in the Snoqualmie Valley; one that runs on weekdays and Saturdays, connecting North Bend, historic Snoqualmie and Snoqualmie Ridge to the Issaquah Transit Center.  The new route makes it easier for Valley residents to utilize bus service during non-peak times.

According to the King County Metro Transit website, “New Route 208 will provide service between North Bend and Issaquah, via downtown Snoqualmie and Snoqualmie Ridge, during weekday mid-day and evening hours and also on Saturdays. On weekday mornings, Route 208 will take riders from Issaquah to Snoqualmie Ridge, and Route 215 will still provide peak-period commuter service from Snoqualmie Ridge to downtown Seattle.”

Some other changes Metro Transit is making for the Snoqualmie Valley include:

  • New service between Duvall and North Bend via Carnation and Fall City—The new Snoqualmie Intra-Valley Shuttle will run about every 90 minutes on weekdays between 6AM – 7PM.   Snoqualmie Valley Transportation will locally operate the shuttle,  riders being asked for donations.
  • Flexible routing—The Snoqualmie Intra-Valley Shuttle will have flexible routing in Duvall and some parts of North Bend. Riders in those areas will be able to call to schedule pickup times.

For more information on Metro Snoqualmie Valley bus service changes visit King County Metro Transit website.


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  • Wait, wasn’t the route out to the Ridge on the chopping block? How does Metro afford putting up a new line? I’m fully supportive, but what a waste of effort if it’s too going to be discontinued at their new budget year.

    1. It sounds like by re-doing the other routes out here, it may have saved money to add this line. Plus, if they get more riders, that might help with the cost??

  • Do I read that map correctly as saying that the 215 will bypass Issaquah now? That should be a huge speed improvement for those going into Seattle and to Eastgate (save 15-20 minutes?). Now, if they would make a bus lane at the I90/Hwy18 interchange so you don’t spend 20 minutes just getting on 90…

  • Living Snoqualmie