New Indoor Ice Arena planned on Snoqualmie Ridge

UPDATE | June 5th: The Seattle Times released a story today on the new ice arena. You can read that story HERE.


According to the City of Snoqualmie Community Development Department, former Technical Glass owner, Jeff Razwick, is partnering with Sno-King to build a two-rink, indoor ice facility on lot 5 (which he owns) in the Snoqualmie Ridge Business Park. Sno-King also has ice rinks in Kirkland and Renton.

The lot is on Douglas Street and adjacent Snoqualmie Ridge Storage and the new Church on the Ridge site where construction began last fall for COTR’s new facility.

Snoqualmie Community Development Director Mark Hofman said no formal design plans have been submitted yet for the facility, but are expected soon. His department has mapped out a timeline for project review that would lead to a July 1st groundbreaking, which is the applicant’s goal.

Hofman said via email that the architect is “furiously working on a building design and rendering.” The project requires issuance of a clear and grade permit (which would be the first submittal), civil review, stormwater review, landscape plan, mixed use consistency review I and II (design review) and building permits.

According to a department council report, the project is anticipated to obtain an occupancy certificate and the facility would open by September, 2020.

Across the street on lot 7, a clear and grade permit was issued in early March and land/site preparation work began on April 1st for a new office/warehouse building. Permit applications for the building were submitted and are currently being reviewed by the city’s Community Development Department. The building will be designed by the same architect.

Once these two buildings are complete, the Snoqualmie Ridge Business Park will be built out – roughly two decades after the first commercial building was constructed in the development.

Google Maps screenshot of the Snoqualmie Ridge Business Park
Site Plan for Ice Arena

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  • Wow?! Not sure if an ice rink is a money maker, but that’s a big space to go vacant (IGA), should the ice melt. Good luck.

    1. There’s a serious shortage of ice time in the King/Sno area. Rinks are booked almost 24/7. This will make money hand over fist.

  • As an adult league Hockey player for the last 21 years, this is exciting beyond explanation. Games in Kent or Everett every week is a massive pain, and this would make us a destination for hundreds of players a week. It would be good for a lot of businesses.

  • build it and they will skate…this is great news for NW hockey…The hockey culture in our area is going to change significantly with the arrival of a new NHL team…and, this new facility will be a part of that…not to mention the bars and other local businesses enjoying an influx of hockey players during tournament season…so stoked…

  • This is exactly what I was hoping for with our new NHL team!!! More ice, more interest, more fun! As a figure skater, my friends and I are thrilled to benefit from everyone’s excitement for all things icy. YAY!!!!!

  • I’ve always wanted to learn curling and hopefully this will bring a curling group here!

  • Sounds like people are very excited which is great, but maybe he should fix the I90/18 interchange first or no one will be able to get to the rinks.

  • Living Snoqualmie