New, improved Community Bike Park planned, resident input needed

The City of North Bend and Si View Metropolitan Park District are collaborating on a park improvement project to bring a new amenity to the Torguson Athletic Complex: a Community Bike Park, with tracks for all levels of riders is planned for the southwest portion of the Torguson complex.

Mountain biking is one of the fastest growing recreational sports in the region and, while the Cascade Mountains provide ample opportunities for serious riders, Snoqualmie Valley is lacking a practice facility where riders of all ages can learn and practice this exciting sport in a safe environment.

According to a press release, this project would replace the dirt bike track at Torguson Park, which does not meet safety standards and due to improper surfacing, results in pooling surface water and adjacent wetland erosion. It will also enhance the southwest entrance area with improved walking paths, seating areas and signage.

Funding for this project has been secured from King County Youth Sports Facilities Grant Program, City of North Bend, Si View Metro Parks and community partners. A preliminary site plan has been developed with expertise from The Watershed Company and Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance.

Community members are invited to an Open House on Wednesday November 9th to learn more about the project, view the preliminary site plan, and provide input for this project. The meeting will be held at Si View Community Center on Wednesday November 9th6:30PM.

Bike Park Preliminary Plans

The new bike park will be reshaped using proper track surface and sub-base for the local climate –  and designed with features for users ranging in age and skill level. The new track can be used year-round and will keep beginner riders separated from the advanced riders, greatly improving safety for all participants.

The new track design will also improve the function and health of the adjacent wetland and buffer by using the highest industry standards and materials, which will allow the track to shed water and eliminate erosion, enhancing the health of the ecosystem.

The entrance to this area of Torguson Park – off North Bend Way near Les Schwab – will have improved visibility and access. The City of North Bend worked with the developer of new Phoenix Plaza project (located on explosion site) to improve this entrance, which is located in an easement on the back of the property. Plans include a pedestrian pathway connecting North Bend Way to Torguson Park.

Below are some preliminary photos for the Community Bike Park Project. Si View Parks cautions that the conceptual drawings are early design stage renderings and as such, may be hard to interpret without the presentation by project designers. These plans will be explained in much more detail at the Open House on November 9th.


Rendering prepared at the start of the project. The concept has currently been developed in more detail, but the image gives an idea of what the bike park may look like.


Pre-design concept plan of the bike park area at Torguson


Conceptual drawing of the Southside entrance to Torguson Athletic Complex.



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