New Home Development with large lots proposed for unincorporated North Bend area

It looks like a new, small home development is being proposed in North Bend, but this time in unincorporated King County (off I-90 exit 32) – and this time with big lots.

Applicant Kusak Tree Farm, LLC of Seattle is proposing 55 acres – located on the west side of 436th Ave SE between the South Fork of the Snoqualmie River and Cascade Golf Course – be divided into 11 [large] lots to hold single-family homes.

The property is currently zoned R2.5 and R5 residential, meaning homes with lots of 2.5 and 5 acres are allowed. The application also proposes tracts for critical areas and associated buffers, drainage and open space.

A large Notice of Application sign was put on the land recently and paper notices were also mailed to nearby homeowners.

Formal Plat and Shoreline Substantial Development permits are being requested by the applicant.

A public hearing before the King County Hearing Examiner is required for the application. The public will be notified of that hearing 30 days prior. The King County Department of Permitting and Environmental Review (DPER) will also issue a report and recommendation to the examiner two weeks before the public meeting.

According to the notice, the development proposal will be reviewed to ensure it complies with all applicable county codes.

Community members wishing to submit written comments can send them to the Department of Permitting and Review to DEPR Project Manager Kim Claussen at


Tree farm land off exit 32 in North Bend, site of small proposed home development.


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  • I don’t see how (as mentioned before) you could have any septics this close to the river. PERIOD. I do feel though, having large lots and single family dwelling is better than most of what NB proer is doing with Conds and multi family dwellings. You KNOW the land is going to be used. Rather this way I guess but.. water? Do we have the water for such? If WA State doesn’t give us more water rights it could be a problem.

  • So,more homes for the wealthy! That means the middle class are left out again.Cant wait for the bubble to burst. I guess they will have to bus in their”help”.The rich suck

  • Pretty crappy to have tons of money sometimes! Because their green is taking away ours!!!!! It goes to show ya money and our environment doesn’t get along very well. Use your money to save the the trees not destroy them !

  • Living Snoqualmie