New Grocery Store, Drug Store in Snoqualmie Announced

As site work begins on Ridge Plaza, the new grocery anchored retail center located in Snoqualmie, Safeway and Bartell Drugs have announced that they will be the primary tenants in the center at Douglas Avenue and Snoqualmie Parkway. Safeway and Bartells anticipates their stores will open in mid-summer 2017.

EDG Commercial Real Estate is the owner and developer of Ridge Plaza. Tom Erlandson, President, says, “After 3 years of hard work and extraordinary cooperation with the City of Snoqualmie, EDG is thrilled to be delivering this project to the community where we work and live. The commitments made by Safeway and Bartells to this project insures we will have the premier grocer and drug store in the Pacific Northwest anchoring our project for years to come. Our grand opening in the summer of 2017 will be a true celebration for the City of Snoqualmie.”

“The addition of a 43,000-square-foot grocery store, food establishments, and 15,000-square-foot drug store will further serve Snoqualmie’s growing population, which is now over 13,000,” said Mayor Matt Larson. “Not only will these new businesses help meet the needs of our residents, but the boost in sales tax will help support and protect our local City services.”

According to a press release, the Safeway store’s exterior, designed by Fuller Sears architects, will reflect the aesthetic theme of Snoqualmie Ridge. The store interior will boast wall-to-wall specialty departments, including a Starbucks with a light-filled seating area and an indoor/outdoor fireplace, full-service deli with a fresh sushi bar, expanded wine department with premier selections, and full service meat, bakery and floral departments. Safeway will also be including its top tier produce department, abundant with organic and local fruits and vegetables.

The new store will employ 125-150 people, and will be seeking applicants for full-time and part-time position two months before it opens. Safeway will also construct a 6 pump fuel station with the store.

Bartell Drug’s new store will feature a selection of thousands of popular health, beauty and lifestyle products, and a convenient drive-through pharmacy window. It will also continue Bartell’s commitment of offering locally-made products.

“Bartell Drugs is excited by the opportunities presented by this store opening,” states Bartell Drugs President and CEO, Brian Unmacht. “The new Snoqualmie Ridge location will continue our unique blend of expert pharmacy services along with a great selection of local products.”

This will be Bartell’s second Snoqualmie Valley location opened in the past three years.

City of Snoqualmie Community Development Director Mark Hofman said via email the next move for the new retail development will be to finalize the restaurant/drive-thru building tenant.


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    1. In a community meeting a while back Mayor Larson said that he had spoken to the owner of the IGA. He said that he intended to compete with the new grocery store, possibly moving towards being a more boutique grocery store.

  • disappointing. was really hoping for something different. Wondering if Safeway and bartells in north bend will close. I really can’t see that we need two of both so close together

    1. Don’t forget there are two safeways in issaquah. It doesn’t take too many home to support a chain grocery store. We don’t like the Safeway in North Bend but the one in the highlands isn’t bad at all – seems like they differ a fair amount store to store. Hopefully this will be a nice one.

  • They never considered any other chains. It was alway either QFC or Safeway.
    Is that the best you can do? Is the mayor saying that sales tax from these businesses can support the city better? Well! I can tell this is all about money! Not about people who actually live in Snoqualmie!

  • I think all of you who are against the new Safeway being built should continue to shop at the IGA then. Paying 4x more for groceries with almost no organic options to be found. The folks who work at the IGA are super nice people, I hope they can find work once Safeway comes in and takes away most of the foot traffic. I personally like Safeway and think it is a very solid option which will serve all of the community’s needs. If I were the owner of the IGA, I’d sell it to PCC, Trader Joe’s, or even Ace Hardware or McLendon’s right now.

  • Having lived in many other places, I have always observed that competition is good!!!! Good for prices. Good for choices. Good for quality products. Good for community residents!!!

  • Living Snoqualmie