New downtown Snoqualmie infrastructure project starts soon; impacts streets around Mount Si High School

The City of Snoqualmie announced its latest downtown improvement project will begin this month. Called the Greek Streets Utility Infrastructure Improvement Project, it is slated to bring new and upgraded infrastructure in the downtown neighborhood bordered by Schusman Ave SE, Falls Ave SE and Park St SE – the blocks that are located along the back side of Mount Si High School.

According to a city news release, improvements will include “new and upgraded water, sewer, and stormwater mains; new pavement, curbs, and gutters in some sections of the neighborhood; and new sidewalk ADA ramps.”

The project will begin on Schusman Ave adjacent to Mount Si High School and will then move section by section throughout the neighborhood during the summer and into fall.

Construction equipment will start entering the neighborhood on May 10th, with work scheduled to begin the week of May 13th. The city said the project will not affect the entire neighborhood at any one time. Flaggers will also be present for traffic management and safety, as well as signage on roadways prior to the start of paving.

The work on Schusman Ave will begin before the school year is over and Mount Si administrators are warning students and parents that it will create parking challenges around the school, but the city stressed the goal is to have this section of the neighborhood completed well before the opening of the new school in the fall.

There is student parking accessible from Meadowbrook Way SE in the large, [temporary] gravel parking lot. The staff and visitor parking lot in the rear of the school accessed via Schusman Ave SE will remain open, but accessibility may – from time to time – be delayed due to temporary roadway closure during utility and paving work.

The infrastructure project is being funded by Utility Revenue Bonds approved by council last year and current utility rates. It will also include work on Newton Street and Railroad Place in the coming months.

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