New 212 unit apartment complex planned for North Bend Way

It looks like a new apartment/townhome complex is coming to North Bend in the next couple of years. The City of North Bend filed a Preliminary Plat Notice of Application this week for the project, located on land known by many locals as the Dahlgren Property.

Residents have until April 27th to comment.

Bellevue-based developer River Partners, LLC is proposing subdividing the 21-acre land parcel located in the area of North Bend Way and 436th Ave SE (33124 SE North Bend Way) into five lots and constructing 35 buildings – including townhomes, apartments and a leasing office – to bring a 212 unit apartment complex to eastern edges the growing city.

The site of the proposed project is zoned Employment Park 1 and is also in the Tanner Landing Master Plan Overlay District (MPOD), which the city council approved in early February. The MPOD allows multi-family housing as a permitted use with specific design standards required.

The project proposes to cluster the apartment buildings on about 17-acres of the property, with the remaining acreage dedicated to the City of North Bend as a park.

The City of North Bend has two other Master Plan Overlay Districts – Tanner Junction and East North Bend. Tanner Junction MPOD is located right across North Bend Way from this proposed apartment development, and also allows for High Density Residential uses.

If you’d like to comment on the proposed project, all public comments related to this Notice of Application must be received by the North Bend Community and Economic Development Department by 4:30PM on April 27th.

Comments may be mailed, personally delivered, or sent by fax, and should be as specific as possible: Lynn Hyde, Associate Planner, North Bend Community & Economic Development, 126 E. Fourth Street, North Bend, WA 98045; (425) 888-7646, fax (425) 888-5636, or


Apartment complex is proposed for the triangular shaped property shaded in yellow, located along SE North Bend Way.


Site plan for proposed Dahlgren Property apartment complex project.


The Tanner Landing Master Plan Overlay District, which permits for designated uses beyond those of the Employment Park 1 zoning.





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  • I am a resident of North Bend for over 10 years. We love the small town community feel. I believe a project of this size should have been discussed with local residents long before now. Our home is off of MT SI road. Access from here to North Bend Way is already difficult. From what i can tell there are very few dollars added to help alleviate the additional impact to traffic. I would assume that this development would add at least 300 more cars to the already congested roadways. What are they going to do to solve this problem?

  • I am happy to see some – hopefully affordable housing coming to King County. I do hope a traffic light or round about will be installed to ease traffic.

  • I attended a city council meeting 3 days ago where resident after resident spoke against this development commenting that 212 new units were far and away too many for this small tract of land which lies directly adjacent to Tanner Park and the SnoValley Trail. People spoke of not wanting North Bend to follow the same paths at the Ridge and Issaquah took, that of a sea of houses, condos, and apartments,
    Hopefully North Bend City Council listened well and will take steps to reduce the scale of this development down to one that better reflects the values of our mountain community.

  • Living Snoqualmie