My Weekly Valley Pick – Favorite Person To Get My Lazy Self Up And Moving!

My answer?  Ridge Fitness class instructor, exercise guru and Zumba expert, Kelly Saunders.

If you live on the Ridge and the sun is shining,  you’ve probably seen her running.  If you exercise at Ridge Fitness you probably already know her.  Kelly Saunders is my favorite person for inspiration to get off the couch and to the gym.  In no way is Kelly a drill sergeant about it either.  For me, her inspiration is through example, a warm smile, friendly hello and incredibly fun exercise classes.

First Zumba Class At TPC Snoqualmie Ridge, 1/31/11

Kelly began exercising at Ridge Fitness when it opened in February 2007.  She became a certified fitness class instructor in fall 2008 and was then recruited to work at Ridge Fitness.  She did  what many of us strive to do.  Take a passion and turn it into a career.  Exercise, and the love of it, have always been a part of Kelly’s life.  Since having her daughter 9 years ago she admits there’s only been one time that she went three days (in a row) with no exercise.  How many of us can say that?

This past year Kelly added Zumba instructor to her list of qualifications.  Zumba is the latin dance-inspired, calorie-burning,  exercise/dance program popular nation-wide.  Zumba strives to bring fun back to exercise and get people moving. Kelly brought Zumba to Ridge Fitness last year – and has developed quite a following.  She uses fun, ever-changing music and incorporates coin skirts into the routine.  Yes, that’s right, flashy silver skirts that move and “sing” to the music with your hips.  If you aren’t moving, your silent skirt gives you away!

Kelly now teaches 4 weekly Zumba classes at Ridge Fitness.  This week also marked her first weekly Monday class at TPC Snoqualmie Ridge – a packed class of almost 30 people!   Kelly also instructs weekly after school enrichment Zumba classes at Cascade View Elementary and Snoqualmie Middle Schools.  She’s getting valley kids moving and even donating some of the class proceeds back to each school’s PTA.  On top of all this, if the weather is warm you might find her at Snoqualmie Community Park teaching Zumba classes to anyone up for it.

Kellys CVES Zumba Girls

In addition to Zumba, Kelly also teaches strength and cardio classes at Ridge Fitness.  And if she’s not instructing you’ll probably still see her around the gym keeping in shape for the job she loves.  She is truly an inspirational person with exercise, attitude and community involvement.  At a time when every health study cites the importance of daily exercise, Kelly Saunders inspires by example – AND with a smile on her face.  Thanks to Kelly for teaching me the importance of strong core muscles.  I promise to get back to the gym soon!

Ridge Fitness is located at 7713 Center Blvd SE, Snoqualmie, WA.  For more info on Kelly’s classes visit

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  • Great write up on Kelly, Danna!! She is truly amazing! She has single handedly gotten the whole Ridge into shape with her Zumba moves!!! Go Kelly!!!

  • Do you have to be a member of Ridge Fitness or the TCP in order to take your classes?

    1. Here was Kelly’s response to you question… Yes, you can always come and get a pass at Ridge Fit. have them email me at zumbawithkelly@ and I can leave a pass with their name so they can come for a week! Not sure on how the TPC works with guests.

  • Thank you for the information. I tried to email Kelly at the above address and it doesn’t work is there another email I can try?

    Thank you again.

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