Must See Holiday Home! North Bend Residence Creates Musical Light Show; See the Singing Reindeer, Drop off Food Bank Donations

For those who love holiday light displays, this might be considered a ‘MUST SEE’ home in the Snoqualmie Valley… complete with a singing reindeer, dancing lights –  LOTS of lights!

Homeowner Alicia Messa said last year her home even had more lights, but due to some ‘neighborly issues,’ they scaled back the light count just slightly this year – to about 2,000 lights!

But it is still a show to behold – and it’s located in the new Tannerwood neighborhood (just off 140th near Twin Falls Middle School) of North Bend at 1730 Tannerwood Way SE. The lights are choreographed perfectly to multiple holiday songs, creating a bright, dancing home.

This year the Messas also have the full support of the new Tannerwood Homeowners Association, which gave them the go-ahead to light up the North Bend night sky this December.

Alicia said they are doing their best to consider the neighbors, who are slightly inconvenienced by the holiday lights and increased traffic stemming for those wanting to see the musical light display, so the show runs Sunday – Thursday from 4:30PM – 8:30PM and on Friday and Saturday from 4:30PM – 10PM.

Singing Reindeer
Singing reindeer at the Messa’s Tannerwood home, who orchestrates the nightly musical holiday light display.
Entire Neighborhood in on Festivities, Helping Those in Need

This Friday and Saturday, December 19th – December 20th, the entire Tannerwood neighborhood is getting into the holiday spirit and will be outside serving hot cocoa, coffee, hot cider and cookies to community members wishing to stop by and  see the Messa’s special holiday light show. [Lots of local companies donated the treats, too, including Pioneer Coffee, Starbucks, QFC, Krispy Kreme, IGA and Tweed’s Cafe.]

During these weekend shows, Tannerwood residents will also be accepting food and cash donations for the Mt. Si Food Band, which distributes food to community members in need each Tuesday from 9:30AM – 6PM at 1550 Boalch Ave NW in North Bend.

The entire Snoqualmie Valley community is invited to stop by Tannerwood this Friday and Saturday night (December 19th & 20th) and see the Singing Reindeer and Dancing House lights set to multiple songs, including the fan favorite ‘Dominic the Donkey’ and just added, Frozen’s ‘Let it Go.’

And don’t forget to grab some refreshments and bring along some much-needed non-perishable food donations for the Mt. Si Food Bank.

See video clip of Messas ‘Let it Go’ Holiday Light Display HERE

See video clip of Messa’s ‘Dominic the Donkey’ Holiday Light Display HERE


Let it go
Messa’s Tannerwood home as its lights perform to Frozen’s ‘Let it Go,’ sung by the reindeer on the left.



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  • Disappointing. Went to Tannerwood neighborhood at 7 on 12/20 and nothing 🙁 No one serving Cocoa or treats. Kids were so disappointed. Lights were ok.

    1. So sorry we missed you! We were out greeting and serving treats until 8pm, so I am not sure how we missed you at 7:30, on Saturday (Friday we were there the whole time)…I was soaked from greeting people in the pouring rain and serving treats (I was wearing a coat and poncho and still got drenched). Since there was not a lot of traffic, we decided to go inside so I didn’t get sick. Truely apologize to all those we missed. Next year we will be much more prepared and able to handle the rain. A huge Thank You to the overwhelming support we recieved! We collected almost 2 barrells of food and approximately $200 for the food bank! Amazing results for our first year! Happy Holidays to all!!

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